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It was not surprising that Liang Xinyi would go to a banquet as an escort.

After all, she was certainly no different from a hired escort with her current reputation.

She may have wanted to go abroad to hide out and come back when everyone had forgotten about the fiasco, but it was certainly not going to be that easy.

“Then you dont know her well enough.

To keep climbing her way up, she would be more than willing to endure this bit of humiliation and torture!”

It was precisely because she wanted to keep climbing her way up that she went ahead and chose the fastest way to get there.

If it were the same Liang Xinyi who had just arrived in Jingdu, she might not have been able to bear it then, but she was different now.

She had enjoyed a wealthy life, and she had also suffered blows and humiliation from Yun Xi.

The Liang Xinyi today was no longer the same as when she first came to Jingdu.

For her, as long as she could become someone who stood above everyone else, she did not need to have any limits or principles holding her back.

Regardless of whether she had to sell her body or her dignity to get there, the world and everyone else would still be beneath her feet as long as she could come out on top.

Han Zhongteng raised his eyebrows.

Although he had thought this was the most humiliating way to shame Liang Xinyi, he did not expect it to be a stepping stone for her to climb her way up.

“Who knew she was such a go-getter!”

He fancied himself an expert who had many ways of dealing with women, and he thought having Liang Xinyi put herself out there as an escort was the cruelest punishment for her that would please the almighty Yun Xi.

However, hearing Yun Xis words made him realize that he really did not know women well enough, especially when it came to a b*tch like Liang Xinyi, who was ruthless toward others and even more ruthless toward herself!

“Since she chose this path herself, she will have to bear the consequences.”

Han Zhongteng nodded.

“If this makes you feel unsatisfied, I have other ways that might help…”

“Nevermind, the place where the banquet is being held…” Yun Xi frowned and thought for a while.

If she wanted to dispose of Liang Xinyi, she could think of a couple of ways herself, but it suddenly struck her that Liang Xinyi may still have her value in serving her for other purposes.

Just throwing her into the pits of hell may tarnish her reputation and make her lose everything, but it was not quite enough to relieve the hatred she felt inside.

“A complicated mix of people will attend the banquet tonight, and those who will be there are bigshots.

Offending anyone cant be worth it, so you neednt worry about that.”

“Then…” Han Zhongteng glanced at her, unable to figure out what she meant by those words.

After all, he had come to her today with the utmost sincerity, and even if she wanted Liang Xinyi to live like a ghost, he could make sure of it.

All she needed to do was say the word.

“For your sincerity in all youve done today, I can lend you a helping hand.

Compared with Han Yaotians self-righteousness, I appreciate your ruthlessness and decisiveness.”

“Really Youre willing to team up with me”

“I wouldnt call it teaming up.

Id rather not intervene in the fight between two brothers.

Now that Han Yaotian has the help of the Qiao family, the odds of you two having a fair fight have shifted.

I just wanted you to have enough strength to compete with him fairly.”

Although Mu Feichi had her back, she would not let anyone else use him, let alone turn him into a bargaining chip in someone elses bloodbath.

Han Zhongteng did not expect that to be her answer and raised his eyebrows in disappointment.

“Then… how do you intend to help me”

“Just for your sincerity today, Ill trade you a piece of information.” As she said that, she pushed open the car door and got out, while Xiaosi, who was sitting in the car behind, stepped out as well.

He walked up to her and handed her a folder.

Han Zhongteng wound down the car window and looked out.

Seeing her handing over a folder, he felt a little puzzled.

“Go back and take a good look at it.

Youre a clever man.

Im sure you have the ability to kill someone with a borrowed sword with ease.

What you choose to do is up to you.”

Withdrawing her hand, she turned around and headed straight into the car behind her.

Han Zhongteng wound up the window, then opened the folder and began studying it carefully.

If he had not flipped through it, he would have been none the wiser.

But now that he did, what he saw honestly shocked him! To his surprise, Han Hongbin actually had another illegitimate child!

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