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Early in the morning, Yun Xi received a call from Mu Feichi saying that he was returning to the military headquarters for a meeting.

Drowsily, she replied with just a few words.

Only after hanging up the phone, did she realize what the man had said.

As it turned out, they finally had a lead on the bombing incident at the Jingdu Grand Hotel.

The bombing at the Jingdu Grand Hotel had caused a worrisome New Year for everyone.

The president had put Mu Feichi in charge of investigating and handling the bombing incident, with the order that the murderer must be found within the shortest timeframe so that Jingdu could once again regain its peace.

The New Year festivities had ended, and everyone was back to work.

If there were still no leads regarding the case at all, a new bout of panic was bound to erupt among the people.

Yun Xi got up from bed and washed up.

Then, she changed into a casual outfit draped with a neat suit and headed downstairs.

The moment she began descending the stairs, she saw Yun Yuanfeng hanging up the phone with a smug look on his face, ready to go out the door.

When he saw her coming down the stairs, he immediately hurried toward her.

Yun Xi glanced at his friendly appearance, and she knew right away that Yun Yuanfeng probably had a favor to ask of her.

Furrowing her brows in annoyance, she called out to him, “Dad, you and Aunt Lin originally planned to have a banquet at the Jingdu Grand Hotel the day before yesterday, but now that the Jingdu Grand Hotel is closed, what are your plans for the banquet”

An explosion had disrupted Yun Yuanfengs arrangements.

Since it was Gods will, she would decidedly obey His will and let his second marriage fall through! If Lin Shuhua had been a woman with worldly knowledge, Yun Xi would not have minded letting her into the Yun family, but it was a pity that she was simply short-sighted and greedy.

Before she could even announce her newfound identity, having this woman enter the Yun family now would only cause her nothing but utter humiliation.

At the mere mention of the banquet, the smile on Yun Yuanfengs face was practically wiped off his face.

“Your Aunt Lin said that it would have to be postponed for a few days.

I was hoping you could try and make a reservation to host the banquet at Jingding instead.”

As soon as she heard the nameJingding, Yun Xi wanted to burst into laughter.

Lin Shuhua sure was ambitious! This woman had no reservations about accomplishing what Liang Xiuqin had never even dreamed of!

The Jingding! The fact that Yun Yuanfeng was able to make a reservation at the Jingdu Grand Hotel was only because the hotel manager allowed it for the sake of Yun Xi.

Meanwhile, Yun Yuanfeng actually thought of himself as a big shot!

“Dad, Im sure you, of all people, should know what kind of place Jingding is.

Those who are allowed to enter Jingding are either heads of state or business titans.

Ordinary people may never be able to make a reservation even if they tried.

Even if I try and make the reservation as a first-class socialite, shes just a mistress of yours whos been promoted to stepmother.

Do you honestly think Jindings manager will allow me the honor”

“Then, what about the Young Commander”

“Dad, dont you know about General Mus second marriage”

“I know, but what does that have to do with this”

“Since General Mu got married for the second time, the Young Commander has rarely returned home to the Mu family house.

Im sure I dont need to tell you the reason for this.

If you think he would have any respect for a mistress, then you may as well go back and sleep on it with Aunt Lin.

That would make your dreams come true much faster.”

How very bold of him to even think of asking Mu Feichi for his help!

“Then… I guess well have to settle for other hotels.

How about Pine Garden Villa”

Yun Xi chuckled.

Although Pine Garden Villa was not exclusive by status, the standard fee for banquets was much higher than that of other five-star hotels.

It seemed that her dad was really willing to break the bank just to marry this woman!

“Hosting a banquet at Pine Garden Villa is not impossible, but Ive surveyed their rates for hosting a banquet there.

Its not a small sum.

However, if you are willing to splurge and have sufficient funds, I have no objections.”

“Lets go with that then.

Ill be heading to work first.

Ill send you an invitation at a later time.

Perhaps you could invite the Young Commander and see if hes able to come along with you.”

Yun Xi waved her hand.

She did not want to hear Yun Yuanfeng drone on.

“We can talk about that later.

Hes been rather preoccupied lately!”

After going out of the compound of the military region residences, Xiaoer, who was waiting outside, immediately drove the car over, and she opened the door to get in.

“Xiaosi, get me a copy of Lin Shuhuas background within the next couple of days.

I want it to be as detailed as possible!”

“Of course, weve been keeping track of this woman, and she seems to be seeing a man rather frequently these days.”

“Seems to be Can you be sure of that”

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