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After returning to Jingdu, Yun Xi went directly to the Yun family house.

She knew that she would not be able to hide the kidnapping incident from Xiao Jinglin.

She was afraid that he would worry and start nagging about it, so she went to hide in the Yun house for a couple of days, while also giving herself time to plan her next move.

She had been plotting against the Han family for so long.

From making herself stronger, fighting every step of the way, to making Han Hongbin embarrassed, and getting the Han brothers to scheme against one another, she had played this game for far too long, and now the most exciting time of all had finally come.

Throughout the New Year, her phone was surprisingly filled with all kinds of New Year messages.

She read the messages carefully, one after another.

In addition to the news that Han Yaotian was about to get engaged to Qiao Ximin, she had also received a message with great news regarding Han Zhongteng.

After receiving the message from Xiaosi, she hurriedly opened her computer and clicked on her mailbox.

Her inbox contained a document and some photos of Yun Yuanfengs recent movements.

She read through it carefully.

While she had not been in Jingdu for the past few days, Yun Yuanfeng certainly had not been idle either.

His current position as director no longer requires him to move around, pulling connections, as he did in previous years.

However, because his house was located in the military region residences, it was inconvenient for other people to visit and offer their New Years wishes, so he had invited the bunch of them to a nightclub instead—to wine and dine as a way of entertaining all his guests in one go.

Among the latest updates, it included the news of that little mistress, Lin Shuhua, who had gone to the hospital to ensure the health of her fetus.

From the hospitals diagnosis report sent by Xiaosi, she could see that this woman was truly not simple at all.

The six-month-old fetus was already considered to be stable.

After filling her tummy, she went to the hospital to check on her fetuss health, and the doctor she sought out was someone from Lin Shuhuas family.

The prescribed supplements for a healthy fetus came at sky-high prices, yet Yun Yuanfeng was willing to splurge for this son of his.

Perhaps it was just her nature, or perhaps her eyes were now filled with greed.

The gifts that Yun Yuanfeng received from his subordinates during the New Year were all delivered to Lin Shuhua, and the woman sold all the gifts she got her hands on.

With the child in her belly and the money passed to her from both sides, she certainly had quite a hefty income.

Her business was thriving by just relying on one little belly.

Yun Xi had to hand it to this woman for her skills!

With the information and photos in her hands, she wanted to send them all to Yun Yuanfeng right then.

She was curious to know whether Yun Yuanfeng would still be as smitten as he was with Lin Shuhua after seeing all she had on her.

Yun Yuanfeng never had a son, and this woman could certainly fulfil his dream as a father, but there was no way she was going to let this woman settle herself down in the Yun family no matter what.

Another email she got was about her recent kidnapping.

She would never have guessed that the person who attacked her would turn out to be Qi Siyu! Although those lowlifes had already been taken care of by her, what she realized from this kidnapping was that while Qi Siyus scheme may not have been exactly foolproof, her tactics were not too bad after all.

Mu Feichi and Xiaosis people had investigated for days, and only after excluding all the suspects, did they finally manage to link it to her.

It seemed that she had underestimated this woman from the very start.

Just as she was pondering how she should respond to the generous gift that Qi Siyu had bestowed upon her, her computer screen suddenly went black, and a window with a video popped up.

It was none other than Xiao Jinglin, her biological father, whom she had intended to hide from by playing the ostrich.

She looked at the man on the screen with surprise, and her eyes widened slightly.

“I didnt know you could hack into my computer!”

Her computer had been securely encrypted by Grey Wolf, and ordinary hackers could not hack through it.

She certainly did not expect her father to be that skilled!

“Youve been avoiding me for the past two days.

Is it because youre afraid Id ask about what happened in City Y” On the other end of the video, Xiao Jinglin leaned back in his office chair with a cup of coffee in his hand, casual and elegant with a gentlemans demeanor.

Yun Xi was stunned for a while, thinking of how her father must have been the spitting image of Mu Feichi when he was in his younger days.

Even at this age, the man certainly had more of a noble flair than his peers.

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