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After flipping to the end, Qi Yichen did not see the answer he wanted and looked at Lu Zheng in the drivers seat.

“Have you found out who it is” From the information he got, kidnapping seemed to be a common occurrence for the girl.

As long as she stood beside Mu Feichi, she would be a moving target and everyones attention would be on her.

It would be impossible for her to keep a low profile and live a normal life.

Lu Zheng hesitated for a moment and replied, “Yes, it was Eldest Young Miss Qi.”

Qi Yichen did not seem surprised at all.

His handsome face had a faint teasing look.

His hand holding the folder seemed to be frozen for a moment.

After a long time, a slight chuckle came out of his throat.

It sounded as if he had expected it, and his tone was full of disdain.

“I knew this day would come!”

Lu Zheng glanced at the rearview mirror and didnt dare say anything.

However, he could clearly feel the disdain in Qi Yichens tone.

Although his boss and Eldest Young Miss were twins, their personalities were completely different.

As a woman, her views on the situation were too narrow.

Hence, no matter how outstanding Eldest Young Miss was, she still fell under Young Commander Mus charm and did things that did not fit her status.

“This sister of mine is proud and arrogant, and now she has no choice but to admit that she cant compare to that girl.

In the end, she still resorted to underhanded means.

Its a pity that she didnt do it cleanly and found all sorts of despicable people.

Not only did she not succeed, but they were wiped out in one move!”

“Eldest Young Miss did it very discreetly and didnt appear personally.

After the kidnappers were caught, she cut off all contact immediately.

It wont be easy for Young Commander Mu to find out that it was her.

At most, they can only find out that the kidnappers are under Brother Jin.”

Qi Yichen raised his eyebrows.

“Then how did you find out”

“Ive eliminated everyone who could possibly lay a hand on Miss Yun recently.

In the end, Ive included Eldest Young Miss in the list as well.

In addition to her identity as a kidnapper, Ive also checked the surveillance cameras and all the call records near the mansion.

I discovered that Eldest Young Miss had made many calls recently, but each number was different.

It should be the number of a public phone booth.

I checked the surveillance cameras near the phone booth and realized that all the different numbers were to the same person.”

“Do you think Mu Feichi wont be able to find out what youve already found The intelligence network under him is more powerful and complete than you think.

Since my sister dug this hole herself, Ill let her fill it herself.

It serves her right to be humiliated for doing such stupid things for a man who doesnt love her!”

“However, if the Young Commander finds out and connects it to us, Im worried that the commotion will cause more unnecessary trouble.”

“As long as she likes Mu Feichi, we will be in a lot of trouble! Dont worry about this matter.

Even if Mu Feichi suspects us—with my sister, a woman who is ruthless because of her jealousy—his target will only be her.

Since she made such a stupid mistake, let her learn her lesson so that she wont do such stupid things again and implicate the Qi family!”

Qi Yichen raised his hand to check the time.

“Has there been any news from the Han family recently Im afraid they havent had a good New Year either.

They lost so much face at the wedding banquet.”

“The Han family seemed to have kept a much lower profile this year.

After Han Hongbin came out of prison, they kept a low profile and did not make any moves.

According to my subordinates, there must be something wrong if something unusual happens.”

“Han Hongbin is waiting for a chance to make a comeback.

If he wants the Han family to return to the ranks of the Big Four Conglomerate Families, he must make that girl disappear from this world.


Qi Yichen smiled and looked out of the window.

“If they miss this opportunity, they wont be able to defeat that girl and Mu Feichi.

By then, the Han family can only wait for their impending death.”

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