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“In addition, you can check the composition of the drugs in their bodies.

I need a composition report.

With this report, it will be easier for us to compare the findings when we catch their upper line.”

“…” Ye Shenshou was a little dumbfounded as he listened to Yun Xis swift and decisive suggestions one after another.

He turned to look at Mu Feichi with ambiguous eyes.

“Jinzhi, this girls swift and decisive personality is exactly the same as yours! Whom should I listen to this series of commands from” As he said this, Ye Shenshou smiled innocently at Mu Feichi.

Yun Xi immediately snapped out of her daze, laughing awkwardly.

She didnt even realize that her previous anxiety was too domineering.

However, this was indeed urgent.

Not only did Ye Shenshou need time to investigate, but she also needed to go back to Jingdu to find out which fearless fellow had attempted to kidnap her.

Mu Feichi did not speak at all.

Hearing Ye Shenshous teasing, he said, without changing his expression, “Listen to her! You can take her words as mine!”

“Oh, you already have everything so clearly defined before marriage If you get married, wont you become a henpecked husband”

“Im happy to do so.

You dont have to worry about me!” As he spoke, he reached out, and pulled the person beside him into his arms, looking like he was protecting his child.

“Fine! I dont have a problem taking her orders! However, based on this lasss attitude just now and her ability to handle matters, shes not inferior to you at all.

Since her intentions are what you want, why dont you just give her your position as the Young Commander You can stay home and be a homemaker!”

Mu Feichis face darkened.

He glared at Ye Shenshou with cold eyes.

Yun Xi laughed so hard in his arms that she swayed from side to side.

Only after a long time did she raise her head and blink at Mu Feichi.

She held back her laughter and said, “I think this is possible!”

The title ofYoung Commander was indeed impressive.

Although she had never coveted it, it was good to let her dream.

However, Mu Feichi understood what she meant.

He suddenly tightened his grip on her waist and looked down at the person in his arms with a faint smile.

“Baby, the prerequisite is that you have to have a child first!”

“Wh-what” Yun Xi stared blankly for a bit.

She immediately reacted under a certain someones ambiguous gaze.

Her ears turned bright red as her smile froze.

It was one thing to give birth to a child, but to let Mu Feichi be a stay-at-home dad… well, this scene was a little funny and unbelievable!

As if amused by the silly smile on her face, Mu Feichi rubbed her head and looked up at Ye Shenshou, who was smiling mischievously.

“Arrange a car for us.

Well head straight to the airport now.

Help us explain it to Grandpa.

Dont look down on this matter.

If we dont handle it well, it might trigger a new storm.

Its up to you!”

“I know what Im doing!” Ye Shenshous face sank, revealing a rare serious expression.

“You guys drive to the airport and leave the car at the airport.

Ill get someone to pick it up later.”

Mu Feichi nodded.

Without a moments delay, he pulled Yun Xi directly into the car that had just been vacated.

Xiaoer and Xiaosi followed them.

As soon as the car drove away, Ye Shenshou took out his phone and dialed a number.

He gave out orders one after another.

Lu Lin stood at the side and secretly looked up at his boss.

He had never seen him so serious before and could not help but shiver.

After hanging up the phone, Ye Shenshou instructed Lu Lin, “Ill leave these people to you.

I want to get all the information before 3 p.m.”

“Got it!” Lu Lin looked at the time.

He had less than three hours left, so he had to hurry.

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