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The man in the sunglasses was also shocked.

He trembled and shifted his butt.

He looked up at the girl who was glaring at him from above.

A trace of panic flashed in his resentful eyes.

“Why are you acting evasive Youre feeling guilty!” Yun Xi squatted down, sweeping her eyes over his wretched appearance.

She reached out her hand, purposely pushing his still bleeding foot to the side.

The mans face immediately became even paler from the pain.

“No, no! I dont know what youre talking about!”

“Youre being stubborn, arent you” She looked up at Xiaoer and said, “Bring me my scalpel!”

“Yes, Miss Yun!” The moment she spoke, everyone guessed what she wanted to do.

Yun Xi swept her eyes over the small fries at the side, and then looked at the pale-faced man in front of her.

She laughed lightly and took the scalpel and portable bag from Xiaoer.

“Since youre unwilling to admit it, I can only open your stomach and verify my guess.


She deliberately paused for a few seconds, and the speed at which she was choosing the knife slowed down.

Her pretty face had a devilish smile.

“This is not a sterile operating theater.

If I yank out your intestines and put them back in later, they will be infected with bacteria and develop pus from the infection.

If your intestines rot, I wont be able to save you!”

“You… you wicked girl! We didnt do anything.

If you dare to touch me, Ill sue you for murder!”

“If I were to dissect the drugs from your bodies later, I wouldnt be afraid, even if you wanted to sue me.

However, you dont have to worry.

Ive dissected many animals before.

When it comes to dissecting people, it should be the same.

Even if I have never seen a pig run before, havent I eaten pork before Ill be gentle later.

As for whether you can survive, thats up to fate.”

Looking at the scalpel approaching inch by inch, the man in the sunglasses had a stiff expression on his face.

He moved back while trembling.

He did not doubt that this wretched girl would dare to cut him open.

In this day and age, not everyone brings a scalpel with them!

When she cut him open, even if he did not die, he would be half dead!

“You, you… go away!” With his hands tied, the man in sunglasses raised his right leg, which hadnt been hit, to kick Yun Xi.

Seeming to have guessed that he would move his feet, Yun Xi suddenly moved her hand away.

At the same time that she dodged his right foot, he raised his leg to kick her.

She fell directly to the ground and used that opportunity to ruthlessly slash the mans right leg with the scalpel in her hand!

“Ah…” The sharp scalpel cut through his pants and pierced into his flesh.

He was almost certain that this wretched girl did it on purpose!

“Oh, dear! Im sorry.

I must have missed it.

Luckily, I dodged quickly.

Otherwise, if I had stabbed you with the knife, your blood would be flowing faster!”

“You…” The man in the sunglasses looked at his injured leg.

If his hands were not tied, he would have gotten up to strangle the wretched girl!

“Since you refuse to tell me, Ill just perform an autopsy on someone else!”

As she spoke, she dusted off her sleeves and turned to look at the driver, who was squatting beside the man in the sunglasses.

The scalpel in her hand was still stained with blood, and the cold light reflecting off it scared the driver so much that he was trembling.

Although her threat was nothing to people like them who were living on the edge, the fear and torture that were magnified were the most terrifying.

Death was an instant thing, but suffering and being unable to seek their death was the most painful.

The driver looked at the blood on the ground and at his bosss pale face.

He trembled as he retreated.

“I-I dont know anything…”

“Since you dont know anything, just wait for me to dissect you and see!”

With that, she raised her head and waved at Xiaosi.

“Xiaoer, Xiaosi, take off his shirt!”

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