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After getting out of the car, Yun Xi looked at the van that was blocked in front of her.

She then looked at the men with guns pointed at their foreheads.

After calculating the number of people, she realized that the number wasnt right.

At that moment, a van drove straight toward them without any signs of slowing down.

“Watch out!” When she saw the van charging toward them, her eyes widened, and she ran toward Mu Feichi.

Mu Feichi and Lu Lin were standing in the direction of the collision.

Moreover, there was a blocked van between them.

Before she could get close, Mu Feichi and Lu Lin quickly withdrew their guns.

The people in the vehicle took the opportunity to shoot at the people outside.

Mu Feichi dragged Yun Xi with him as he ducked to the back of their car, dodging the shot from the black gun pointed at them.

If it werent for his fast reaction and the speed at which he dodged the bullet at such a close distance, the man with the sunglasses in the car would have shot him directly!

“Be careful!” The van crashed into Mu Feichis car uncontrollably.

Mu Feichi shot Yun Xi a look, and the two of them split up to surround the van on both sides.

Yun Xi quickly reacted and crawled in between the gaps of the van, putting her gun to the head of the man in sunglasses.

Lu Lin also reacted quickly and fired several shots at the vans tires to prevent it from retreating and colliding again.

Xiaosi led Ye Shenzhous men and swiftly seized control of the people in the two vans.

After capturing the leader of this group of people, the two guns were placed on the head of the man in sunglasses.

Xiaosi deliberately wrapped three thick automatic-locking cuffs around his hands behind his back.

“Xiaosi, make sure you tighten your grip.

I only have one brain!”

Xiaosi smiled cheekily as he waved the black cuff in his hand.

Then, he used two more to secure the man.

With a sharp grinding sound, the tightened plastic cuffs dug into the sunglasses mans wrists, making him grimace in pain.

Yun Xi shot a look at the van that suddenly rushed over to support them.

There were only five people in that van, but there were at least ten people in the sandwiched van.

Adding to the seven people who were arrested last night, there were a total of twenty-two people.

It really was quite a large number of people!

“Young Commander, Im quite curious.

Who spent money to hire such noob idiots to capture me And its a van full of idiots!”

“You…” The man in sunglasses, whose hands were tied behind his back after being called an idiot, suddenly looked up, his face ashen.

“Little girl! Do you know how to talk”

“Indeed, youre quite stupid.

Your entire team fell into my hands, and you didnt get anything.

Im very curious.

Who was the one who spent so much money to hire you”

The man in the sunglasses snorted coldly.

His hands felt as if they were being strangled to death, and he felt uncomfortable all over, especially when he was taken down by the people he was supposed to be chasing.

Not only did he have a belly full of anger to vent, but he was also humiliated by a young girl in front of him.

She was simply detestable!

“Speak!” Seeing that he did not say anything, Xiaosi suddenly pulled the hand of the man in the sunglasses tightly and kicked him on the knee.

The mans legs instantly went soft, and he knelt beside the group of people.

The man spat and sat down on the ground.

He turned his head away and remained silent.

“Xiaosi, dont be so rough!” Yun Xi spun the gun in her hand and loaded it with a snap.

She walked up and patted Xiaosi on the shoulder.

“Captives dont need merciful treatment if they cant respond to it!”

As she said that, she looked down at the man who was sitting on the ground.

He had fired two shots at Mu Feichi just now.

Although the two shots did not hit him, she had always been protective of her man and could not allow others to bully her people!

“Bang!” She looked down at the man sitting on the floor and shot him in the calf.

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