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Since Ye Shenxin already got what Yun Xi meant, there was nothing else she could say.

Ye Shenxin knew very well that Yun Xi had her own ways with Mu Feichi, and it might not have been possible if it had been someone else.

Yun Xi was the only one who could deal with him, and maybe not everyone could do it.

So Ye Shenxin knew that it would be useless even if she asked about it.

However, Ye Shenxin was rather impressed with this little girl.

With only one sentence, Yun Xi could stop her and make her give up the topic.

Yun Xi did not only answer her question wittily.

She had also made it so that Ye Shenxin wouldnt continue teasing Mu Jinzhi.

She even took the opportunity to show off how lovey-dovey they were.

It was an invincible move!

What a clever girl.

Its no wonder Mu Jinzhi fell for her.

Even Ye Shenxin couldnt help but like her!

“I have never seen Mu Jinzhi so obedient or even listen to anyone.

You did society a favor by subduing him, and we are thrilled!”

Ye Shenxin made a funny face at Mu Feichi, and she stopped messing with Mu Feichi.

She then turned away from him, and a bright smile appeared on her pretty and dainty face.

She politely gestured at Yun Xi to invite her into the house.

“Please come in.

Grandpa is already waiting inside!”

Upon entering the house, Yun Xi looked in the direction of Ye Shenxins voice.

The living room was huge, and it was packed with people.

The scene looked exactly like when she visited the Mu family with Mu Feichi.

“Jinzhi, youre back!” When they were about to enter the living room, Mrs.

Ye came out with a fruit platter from the kitchen.

“You arrived a little later than usual this year.”

Mu Feichi stopped in his path and politely nodded at the dignified woman in front of him.

“Aunt, Happy Chinese New Year!”

“Same to you!” Mrs.

Ye smiled as she turned to the girl he was holding hands with.

She took a quick look at Yun Xi and nodded in satisfaction.


Ye then walked over to her husband, who was waiting for her in the living room.

Yun Xi was nervous, and her hands were shaking a little.

Mu Feichi gently squeezed them and then led her into the living room.

“Grandpa, Uncle, we are back!” As usual, Mu Feichi first greeted his grandfather, and then introduced the girl beside him.

“This is Yun Xi.

And Yun Xi, this is my grandfather, uncle, and aunt.”

Yun Xi stood beside Mu Feichi as she listened to him introduce his relatives.

She then politely greeted and wished them well for the Chinese New Year.

Old Master Ye looked at the little girl in front of him with a loving smile.

Yun Xi still managed to look demure and elegant in her traditional outfit, which was rare for someone her age.

She exuded an air of grandeur, and she looked just like a lady of noble birth living within the palace walls.

From the moment she entered the house, Yun Xi was polite, demure, and didnt seem to fawn over anyone.

Her gentle and calm lady-like temperament made it unlikely that she was a girl from an ordinary family.

Old Master Ye thought that the look in her eyes and her demeanor reminded him of his daughter, who had long since passed away.

Old Master Ye still remembers the day his daughter brought Mu Chongli home.

She also had a warm and very gentle expression back then.

After so many years, he saw the same expression once again.

But this time, it was on the girl his grandson had brought home to introduce to the family.

So, he couldnt help feeling sad and sentimental.

After hearing her New Years greetings, Old Master Ye took a red packet from his butler and gave it to Yun Xi.

“This is the first time that Jinzhi has brought a girl home.

I heard that you are studying medicine.”

Yun Xi nodded and answered humbly, “Yes! I am a medical student at Jingdu University.”

As soon as she finished her sentence, Mu Feichi added to what she said.

“My girlfriend may look young, but her medical skills are incredible! So many old military chiefs in Jingdu have praised her for it!”

Old Master Ye was both surprised and amused to see his only grandsons reaction.

Having watched him grow up, it was his first time seeing Mu Feichi care so much for someone.

The chemistry between them was so strong that it felt like no one else could get between them.

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