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In the car, Mu Feichi pulled the woman in the passenger seat into his arms as soon as he sat down, and kissed her aggressively.

As Mu Feichi suddenly pulled her in for a kiss, Yun Xi took a while to realize what was going on.

She didnt know whether to laugh or cry at the scenario as she patted his head.

The contented man let go of her slowly.

He smirked as he looked at the blushing and shy little girl in his arms.

“My baby is gorgeous when shes all aggressive and mighty!”

Yun Xi raised her hand and gently patted his face.

She then smiled, with her eyes turning into crescents, and said, “Same goes for you!”

Recalling her merciless behavior just now, she sighed softly.

She tipped Mu Feichis chin up and spoke in a flirtatious tone.

“It felt good to beat someone up! But I must have offended Mr.

Si and his wife! Mu Three-Years-Old, give me some advice and help me think of a way to solve this.”

Yun Xi could sense a somewhat flirtatious look in Mu Feichis eyes.

“Baby, are you sure you want to start pillow talk in the car”

“What are you talking about So for some advice, I would need to sacrifice myself What a bad bargain!”

“Its quite a great deal.

Ill help you solve all the problems, and you just need to watch from the side.

Isnt it good that you dont have to spare any effort”

“No way! My father is still in the house.

Xiaoer and Xiaosi are following close behind us.

I am not as shameless as you are!”

If they really were to doit in the car, would she even have the strength to get out of the car tomorrow

“Well, I wouldnt mind you crawling into my bed at night.”

“Shut up! Im being serious here!” Yun Xi pushed the eager and restless man back into the drivers seat and looked at him seriously.

Mu Feichi took a deep breath, and a much more serious expression returned to his handsome face.

“We can all see your good intentions, so the President and his wife will understand.

You are part of their family, so they wont blame you.

And with her attitude, Si Wenxuan needs to learn the hardships and dangers of the world the hard way.”

“I think she would still be just as stubborn after going through all this! If she wasnt the Si familys only child, I wouldnt even be bothered.”

Si Wenxuan was spoiled rotten by her parents.

She was just as narrow-minded, superficial, and unsophisticated as Liang Xiuqin.

Now, it seemed like all her etiquette lessons were for nothing!


Dont be mad about it anymore.

Didnt you also have a good time fighting just now Lets go.

I will bring you somewhere to relax.”

“Arent we going to visit your maternal grandfather for the Chinese New Year”

“Yes, thats right.

We are going to the airport now.” Mu Feichi turned the car around and drove toward the airport.

They arrived at the airport.

When they entered the airport terminal, two bodyguards stepped forward and stopped in front of Mu Feichi.

“Young Commander, sir.

The Young Master is waiting for you in the VIP lounge!”

Mu Feichi was a little surprised.

“Such a coincidence”

“The Young Master has just arrived from a meeting in Country S.

He decided to land here when he heard that you would be going back to visit the Old Master too.

We also just landed not too long ago.”

“Alright, I got it!” Mu Feichi nodded.

He grabbed Yun Xis hand and followed the bodyguard to the VIP lounge.

“Who are you talking about” Yun Xi turned to ask.

“My cousin.

He is the eldest son of my maternal uncle.”

Upon reaching the VIP lounge, Mu Feichi pushed the door open and walked in.

A man was reading some documents on the sofa, and he looked up when the door opened.

Yun Xi looked into the room and was surprised when she saw the man standing up from the sofa.

She had never thought that she would meet someone she knew here!

No, wait.

Yun Xi meant to say that she had never thought she would meet someone she had known from her previous life!

The man was Ye Shenshou, the family head of the prominent Ye family in City Y.

He was known to be a resolute and ruthless businessman and doctor.

She had participated in several Red Cross activities with him in her previous life.

She attended as a doctor, and he was there as a special medical representative.

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