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Yun Xi was directly in front of Si Wenxuan when she fired the gun at her.

Instinctively, she screamed and crouched down with her hands on her head.

“Ah!” A gunshot rang out, followed by the sound of porcelain shattering and Si Wenxuans screams.

Si Jingting and Xiao Weiyun were shocked by the gunshot.

Their hearts were racing, and it took them a while to get back to their senses.

It had been a while since someone dared fire a gun in front of them!

Si Wenxuan continued screaming as she was fearful for her life.

Only when she realized that she wasnt shot did she stand up straight again to look at Yun Xi.

Seeing how calm Yun Xi was, the panic and anger she felt exploded instantly through the roof.

“Wretched girl! You dare to shoot at me Are you crazy”

Si Wenxuans sharp and high-pitched voice echoed through the quiet living room.

No one said a single word, and it seemed like no one had recovered from the gunshot just now.

Yun Xi shrugged and blinked innocently, and it felt like she didnt think there was anything wrong with what she had done.

“Just as you saw, I shot at you!” She twirled the gun around in her hand and smiled at Si Wenxuan before giving the gun back to Xiaoer.

“You…” Like adding fuel to the fire, Si Wenxuans face contorted with anger when she saw how Yun Xi naturally admitted to what she had done.

Yun Xi turned her head to look at Xiao Jinglin.

She spoke apologetically, “Im sorry for breaking an antique.

I am feeling the pain now.”

She knew that the vases and ornaments in that house were highly-priced antiques from the auction house.

So, the vase she just smashed must be worth a lot of money.

“Breaking something at home symbolizes peace and safety throughout the years! Its just a vase, so its alright! Xiaosi, clean the broken pieces!”

“Next time, just display some cheap vases in our house.

Even if you dont feel the pain when a vase breaks, I do.”


Hearing the wordour house from Yun Xi, Xiao Jinglin felt it tug at his heartstrings.

He couldnt help feeling happy when Yun Xi used that phrase.

After hearing that, Xiao Jinglin didnt care about losing money anymore.

At that moment, he wished that he could break a few more vases just so his darling daughter could be happy!

“Alright, Ill listen to you! I will change all the vases tomorrow.”

Satisfied with the answer, Yun Xi nodded.

She then turned to look at Si Wenxuan, who still seemed really bitter.

Instead of looking proud of her victory, that look of indifference on Yun Xis face made Si Wenxuan feel like she was looking down on her!

“Im sorry, but you lost.”

Si Wenxuan stood up immediately, her hands clenched up.

“Theres still another round, and we dont know the outcome yet!”

“Xuanxuan! Stop your nonsense!” Xiao Weijun was worried that Si Wenxuan would injure herself, so she quickly shouted for her to stop.

Even if Yun Xi knew to control herself, Si Wenxuan might not do the same!

“I havent lost yet!” Si Wenxuan ignored her mother, and she turned to look at Yun Xi.

When she saw that Yun Xi was wearing a traditional Han Chinese dress, she snorted and said, “I choose close combat!”

Si Wenxuan was wearing a branded suit.

It would be easier for her to move around since she was dressed in a pair of long plaid trousers, a double-breasted jacket, and a collared lace shirt.

“Sure!” Yun Xi nodded, and as she stood up, the pleated traditional Han Chinese dress swayed and shimmered under the lights.

“Young Miss, would you like to change your clothes” Xiaoer whispered when he saw the festive traditional long dress on her.

“Its alright.” Yun Xi looked around the living room.

“Move the sofa away, and clear out the living room.

Also, move all the expensive items further away.”

“Yes!” Xiaoer signaled to Xiaoliu, who was standing by the windows.

They quickly moved the sofa and ornaments away, clearing out a space in the living room.

A carpet was then laid down on the floor, and Yun Xi walked over to its edge.

She made an elegant gesture to invite Si Wenxuan over, “Please!”

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