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“Mom! She started it first!”

Xiao Weiyun made Si Wenxuan feel that her mother was being partial to an outsider, and the imbalance she felt inside erupted.

Yun Xi could not help but let out a sneering chuckle and gazed up to meet Si Wenxuans deadly eyes.

“Si Wenxuan, since youre so eager to feel superior to me, Ill give you your chance today!”

She finished her sentence and returned her gaze to Old Master Xiao and the Si couple, who were seated on opposite ends of the couch.

Both their parents were here.

Whether it was fair or not, and whoever would get bullied or end up winning, everyone could see it crystal clear.


Si, Mrs.

Si, Mr.

Xiao, Grandpa.

As you all can see, Miss Si cannot tolerate me, and Im not someone who simply compromises without reason either.

Since everyone here is family, I hope to resolve whatever conflict we have between us here.

So, Ill give her the chance today.

Whether we fight it out or by other means, none of you are allowed to intervene, especially you, Mr.


Yun Xi turned to her left and directed her focus on Xiao Jinglin with a willful and determined look on her face.

“Whatever happens, you just have to trust me.”

“Deal!” Xiao Jinglin seemed to have seen right through the decision she had made from her determination and readily agreed without saying anything else.

His decisiveness assured Si Jingting and his wife.

After all, compared to Yun Xi, who was such a clever and sensible girl, Si Wenxuan was indeed a little too arrogant and hardheaded.

If someone was willing to make her suffer a little hardship just to knock some sense into her, they would be more than grateful.

Especially now that Mu Feichi no longer wanted anything to do with Si Wenxuan, it made them realize that dealing with their daughters behavior was something that could not be put off any further.

Otherwise, it might be too late to correct her in the future.


and Mrs.

Si, what are your thoughts on this”

Si Jingting and Xiao Weiyun looked at each other and nodded subtly.

Si Jingting said nothing, while it was Xiao Weiyun who surprisingly urged, with a hint of worry in her voice, “As long as nobody gets hurt.”

Yun Xi nodded.

With an eyebrow raised, she glanced at Si Wenxuan, then looked at the man who came in through the glass door that stretched all the way to the ceiling, and she smirked vaguely.

“What Are you two going to start a fight” Mu Feichi had overheard a thing or two outside, and he focused his gaze on Yun Xi as soon as he walked in.

Yun Xi shrugged, then pointed to where Xiao Jinglin was seated.

“Young Commander, just sit back and enjoy the show.

Dont you dare meddle or interfere.”

“No problem!” Mu Feichi sat down beside Xiao Jinglin in a laidback manner.

Casually and elegantly, he crossed his slender legs and made a gentlemanly gesture ofcarry on to her.

“You may begin!”

This man… he was really just there to get in on the excitement—not at all regarding this as a cause for concern!


“Si Wenxuan, you and I shall each choose a subject to compete in.

You can challenge me with whatever youre good at, and I will do the same.

If you win, you may state whatever conditions you please.

If I win, Ill keep it simple—just stay away from me and dont ever provoke me again.

So, do you want to go first, or should I”

“You go first!” As soon as Si Wenxuan heard that she could state any conditions she had in mind so long as she won, her heart started to race.

Without wanting to be reckless, she immediately called out to Yun Xi to reveal the ace in her hand.

Yun Xi nodded.

“Forget about the demeanor and skills of a socialite, because if you had any, we wouldnt be sitting here competing right now.

You have always disliked me.

Isnt that all because of Mu Feichi You like him, dont you”

Having Yun Xis words pierce right through her heart in front of her parents and Mu Feichi, Si Wenxuans face stiffened and she bit her lip.

“Thats none of your business!”

“Its not against the law to like Mu Feichi.

Our countrys Young Commander is a highly popular man after all! On the contrary, do you think you know him so well He is a soldier who can bravely march through the battlefield in the face of death without the fear of losing his life.

At the very least, the person befitting to stand by his side should have the same courage to not cower in the face of death, dont you think”

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