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Hearing him say that he wanted to visit his grandfather, Yun Xi suddenly realized that he was going back to his moms house on her behalf.

She was the one who was overthinking things!

Covering her face, she leaned her head against his shoulder.

She wanted to dig a hole and bury herself in it so badly.

She grumbled angrily, “Why didnt you tell me earlier You just love seeing me embarrassed!”

“Baby, youre thinking too much.

Look at us! It really does look like were going back to your parents house!”

The man in the drivers seat took one hand off the steering and caressed her face, coaxing her gently, “Baby, if you hadnt been overthinking, how would I know that you wanted to marry me that badly”

“Shut up! Who said I wanted to marry you” Sitting up suddenly, she pushed his hand away.

“Just focus on driving!”

Mu Feichi chuckled and continued to drive.

It was still early in the day.

When the two of them arrived at the Xiao family house, the Si family had yet to arrive.

Old Master Xiao had cut a few branches of wintersweet in the courtyard and was standing there in a good mood, arranging flowers and pruning branches.

“Morning, Grandpa!” Yun Xi helped bring the New Year gifts into the house.

When the old man saw her come in, it felt as though he was seeing his daughter returning home, and his face was filled with joy.

“Morning, little girl!” The old man looked up and beckoned to her.

“Come and see how the flowers are blooming today.”

Xiaoer had already walked over and taken the gifts from Yun Xi and was making his way into the house.

Yun Xi stepped forward, silently gazing toward the stone table for a moment, then she nodded subtly.

“The flowers are blooming beautifully.

With the stem branching into three parts and seven petioles budding, not only does it look vibrant with color, but it also prolongs the flowering period, which makes it the best time for pruning.”

Perhaps it was the lifestyle of Country M.

Both the old man and Mr.

Xiao were great at floral arrangements.

Their ability to make use of local materials meant that their house always had freshly cut flowers, and their home was filled with a different yet positive atmosphere each day.

“Nicely said!” Old Master Xiao nodded with satisfaction and straightened up after fiddling with the last branch of wintersweet.

“The Xiao family hasnt had such a lively New Year for many years, which makes me so happy today.

I hope the two of you wont mind spending some time with me later over a cup of tea.”

“Of course!” Yun Xi nodded.

Following the old mans pace, they entered the house together.

Xiaosi and Xiaoliu were helping with the lunch preparation in the kitchen.

The people nurtured by Xiao Jinglin were proficient in all aspects, be it the way they dressed, ate, lived, and carried themselves.

Even their taste in clothing was no less inferior to that of a professional.

This alone was enough to make Yun Xi admire the man with awe.

Especially when looking at this noble and elegant man who could enter the kitchen and present himself in public, it was impossible not to be filled with awe.

After all, someone from a background like his, who could still follow traditions and cook by himself, was truly a rare gem in all of Jingdu.

“Boss, Young Madam is here!” Xiaoer shouted toward the kitchen.

When Xiao Jinglin heard him, he put down the cutting knife, wiped his hands, and walked out of the kitchen.

“Youre here, my dear girl!” Xiao Jinglin looked at the time.

The two of them had arrived quite early.

It was as if they were returning to their own house, not treating themselves as guests at all.

“Im preparing lunch.

Do you want to help”

“Sure!” Yun Xi nodded, then she turned around, pulling the man behind her along and whispered to him as she walked, “Mu Three-Years-Old, watch and learn! This right here is what it takes to make a great man!”

“Its just cooking.

Whats so hard about that”

Mu Feichi turned his hand around, pulled the person beside him into his arms and led her into the kitchen.

“Just stand here and watch.

Dont come in and cause a mess.”

Yun Xi looked at him with a confused expression as he took off his jacket and threw it on top of her body, then rolled up his sleeves and went in to help.

She was left in a daze, blinking in confusion, then she finally retorted, “Why would I cause a mess I know how to cook too, you know!”

“Still, just stay put over there.

There are four capable men over here, so your help wont be necessary.”

“Alright, then!” Seeing him so diligent and so eager to perform well in front of her father, she was certainly feeling rather pleased right then.

“Show me what youve got, Young Commander!”

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