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Yun Xi looked down at the thick red envelope in her hand and chuckled, “Last year, you gave me your first pot of gold.

What about this year”

Mu Feichi smiled.

“This year, its cash.”

He had roughly guessed the red envelopes that his future father-in-law and Old Master Xiao would give her this year, so no matter what ingenious idea he came up with, it could never be more meaningful than the red envelopes they gave.

Therefore, the red envelope he gave her this year was equivalent to her age—the integer of 18—which from here on out would increase every year according to her age.

“Does that mean youre giving me a cheque next year”

Mu Feichi nodded with a smirk on his face and pinched her pinkish cheeks.

“That can be done, but my position doesnt permit me to write you a cheque, so Ill have Baifan do it.

As the vice president of the company, he can exercise this power on my behalf.”

“No way! That makes me sound so snobbish!”

“How is that snobbish Youre his future boss.

You should relish in your authority.”

“Mu Three-Years-Old, arent you awfully keen to sell me this position Do you want to be my fathers live-in son-in-law that badly”

“You are his only daughter, after all.

If your father needs me to, I dont mind being a live-in son-in-law.

However, as the head of the Mu family, the Mus must have an heir.

And if thats the case, Im afraid Ill have to trouble you to give birth to an extra child.

One shall inherit the surname Mu, while the other, Xiao.”

“In your dreams!” The topic escalated so quickly that she couldnt keep up.

Blushing furiously, she pushed away his handsome teasing face.

Then with a soft snort, she narrowed her eyes, clasped the front of his chiseled jaw with her fingers, and asked in a domineering tone, “You going to wake up or keep sleeping Your choice!”

“If youre not going to keep me company, I wont be able to fall back asleep anyway.”

“Bullsh*t! You fell asleep just fine without anyone accompanying you in the morning! And besides…” She instantly jerked her hand away and tapped his forehead, reminding him with a smile on her face.

“Mind you, Mu Three-Years-Old, youve been weaned off your mothers milk long ago!”

“…” Mu Feichi smiled, then got up obediently, went to wash up, and headed downstairs for lunch.

Everyone seemed to have a tacit understanding.

On the first day of the New Year, no one mentioned what happened last night.

They all chimed in and talked about their family affairs and summed up their previous year.

There was no gunpowder in the air, no cruel competition, and no scheming and plotting against one another.

The atmosphere was lively and harmonious, like a gathering among good friends.

The busy reception of guests finally ended on the first day of the Lunar New Year.

On the second day, Yun Xi promised Xiao Jinglin she would go to the new house and wait with him for Mr.

and Mrs.

Si to return home for dinner.

So she made up an excuse, saying she would visit her Uncles house in Liang Xiuqins stead.

Yun Chuhan had wanted to tag along, but she was frightened by Yun Xis terrifying words—”I may be going by the prison to visit our mother first”—and immediately backed off.

Early in the morning, Mu Feichis car stopped at the sentry post.

Yun Xi got in the car and glanced at the stuff on the back seat, and was a little taken aback by the sight.

“Whats with all the New Year gifts”

Then, it suddenly dawned on Yun Xi, and she tugged at Mu Feichi with a nervous look on her face.

“Mu Three-Years-Old, I havent married you yet.

Im not customarily going back to my side of the family on the second day of the New Year! Dont get too excited just yet!”

Mu Feichi had not even thought about this, since he was actually going to visit his grandfather today.

But after Yun Xi reminded him that the two of them were going back to Xiao Jinglins villa today, it really did seem like he was carrying out the tradition of a son-in-law bringing the daughter back to her parents house!

The man turned his head and teased her with a serious expression, “Its only a matter of time, baby.

Cant you let me do a little early practice”

“Im afraid you might get your legs broken by my father!”

“Well, Im not.

Ill still have you, wont I Im sure your father certainly wont have the heart to hit me if I hold onto you and stage a heart-wrenching drama.”

“How can you be so shameless If youre planning on going by this awful script, then you can forget about being a live-in son-in-law! My father will definitely betroth me to someone else right away.

Dont you even dare, Mu Three-Years-Old!”

“Okay, Ill do whatever you say! However, after we go to the Xiaos today, will you accompany me to my grandfathers house in the afternoon The old man would love to see you.”

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