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“Why are you here” Mu Feichi asked as he turned to glance at Zhao Yumo, which also led him to notice Xiao Jinglin standing by the entrance.

He then looked back at the lady in front of him who was waiting for an explanation and laughed, “Babe, my future father-in-law is going to kill me if you do this.”

“If I do what” Yun Xi frustratedly asked with a deep frown.

“I came here because Yumo told me about the explosion.”

The Young Commander turned to look at his girlfriends bestie and asked, “Did someone from your family get hurt in the explosion”

Just one stare from the man was enough to make Zhao Yumo anxious.

She quickly shook her head and explained, “No.

But, one of my friends was there.

She got cut by some glass shards and was admitted here, so I came to visit her.”

“The doctors and nurses can take care of them.

For now, you cant do anything to help in this chaotic situation.

Why dont you visit later once things have calmed down” Mu Feichi said, then turned to Qi Yuan.

“Take Miss Zhao back.”

“Be careful on your way back.

Things arent as peaceful now, especially not during New Years Eve night when the streets are crowded with people,” Mu Feichi reminded Zhao Yumo.

As Yun Xi only had a handful of people whom she could call her real friends, and with Zhao Yumo being one of them, he didnt want anything to happen to her, nor did he want to involve any innocent people in the mess.


Ill head back first and ask Fool Jiang to come with me tomorrow.” Still frightened by the seriousness of the situation, Zhao Yumo forced an awkward smile and quickly waved goodbye to Yun Xi before running away.

The Young Commander then looked at the lady who was angry at him and then at Xiao Jinglin, who stood behind her before letting out a sigh.

Mu Feichi was afraid to show his affection for Yun Xi in front of her father ever since Xiao Jinglin had decided to stay in Jingdu, to the point where he had to make sure that Xiao Jinglin was okay with it before comforting his girlfriend.

“Babe, do I need to explain what happened today” Mu Feichi glanced at Xiao Jinglin and whispered as he tried to charm his way through the problem.

Yun Xi ignored his extremely sexy low voice and pinched his arm instead.

With a dangerous smile on her face, she gritted her teeth and asked, “What do you think”

“O-okay! I… Ill talk.

Babe, that hurts…”

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As Yun Xi dragged Mu Feichi out of the hospital, he looked at his future father-in-law and quickly straightened his body.

“Uncle Jing, since your daughter is still angry at me, Ill need to take her out with me to calm her down.

Well be back by twelve, I promise.”

Xiao Jingling glanced at his daughter and her boyfriend before nodding, “Okay.

Ill have some of my men follow you just in case anything happens.

Be careful out there.”

“We will,” Mu Feichi bowed.

“Its getting colder.

Dont stay out too late,” Xiao Jinglin told his daughter before getting back into his car.

As soon as the father had left, the Young Commander grabbed the hand that was still pinching him.

He could feel the cold small hand starting to warm up with his warmth.

“Where do you want to go” Mu Feichi asked as he stared into her eyes.

“Are you hungry” Yun Xi looked back at him.

Since Mu Feichi had left midway during the meal, she could tell that he hadnt filled his stomach yet.

“A little.

But, most of the places should be closed by now.”

“Why dont we head to my apartment I have some frozen dumplings there.

Well just eat those.”

The small apartment had already become the only place where she could be alone.


Lets head there,” Mu Feichi nodded and pulled Yun Xi into his arms, wrapping her in his coat to warm her body up before leaving the hospital together.

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