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However, in Xiao Jinglins eyes, Yun Xi would always be a little girl.

To him, a matter where dangers lurked in every corner and where deaths were always seen was a mans job, while girls should be protected from troubles and complications.

“I know you are worried about me, but dont you also know that as long as I choose to date Mu Feichi, Ill never be able to live a normal life If you stopped me from learning things that I should learn or shouldering responsibilities that I should shoulder, then what should I do if things go south Wouldnt it be better if I was prepared”

“And because of that, Ill need to know how to protect myself, right How about this I promise you that no matter what happens, Ill prioritize my safety first.


Xiao Jinglin let out a sigh, not expecting his daughter to be so stubborn.

In the end, he had no choice but to give up on convincing his daughter.

After getting the go-ahead from Xiao Jinglin, Xiaoer showed the top-secret information on his laptop to Yun Xi.

It was a piece of detailed information about the arms trafficking group, including all their trades.

Seeing that Mu Feichi had not shown it to her yet, Yun Xi was sure that her boyfriend and father had agreed to hide it from her.

However, after what had happened at the Jingdu Grand Hotel, she had no choice but to become part of the operation, whether the lunatic was behind the incident or not.

There was a lot of information on the laptop, and Yun Xi only had time to swiftly scan through it.

She looked at Xiaoer and asked, “Theres too much information here.

Can you sort out all the recent trades regarding TNTs”

Although Mu Feichis intelligence unit could get their hands on all sorts of information, it was difficult for them to look into arms trafficking due to the special circumstances in Jun Country.

That was a task for Xiao Jinglin, who was the head of an international tycoon family and had connections in both the good and evil worlds.

That was the only reason why Mu Feichi had requested that Xiao Jinglin look into it.

“Itll take some time,” Xiaoer nodded.

“Ill let you know tonight.”

“Good,” Yun Xi answered, and turned to look out the window.

They had already arrived at the hospital.


Doctors and nurses were hurrying in and out of the hospital as a lot of injured people were rushed there.

The whole situation was chaotic.

Yun Xi got out of the car and located Zhao Yumo, who was standing by the entrance.

She ran up to her friend and asked, “Hows your friend Is she okay”

“Shes fine.

She only got a few scratches.

But, Yun Xi, I saw a few people being rushed into the ER, and they were all covered in blood.”

Yun Xi looked at the staff running next to them, and her heart sank.

Just as she was about to head in with Zhao Yumo, she noticed a group of people walking out.

Mu Feichi was leading the group of people.

Next to him were the vice-dean and a few doctors.

They were all giving out commands to the rest of the staff as they walked alongside the Young Commander.

The vice-dean nodded his head as Mu Feichi talked to him.

It was such a chaotic night that the vice-dean had already received hundreds of calls in an hour.


Ill take my leave first.

The doctors and nurses who are on leave will be back to help soon.

Please prioritize saving every person.”

“You can leave it to us, Young Commander!” The vice-dean shook hands with Mu Feichi before returning to work.

When Mu Feichi walked toward the entrance with Yi Qianmo, he paused as he noticed the person walking toward him and frowned.

Yi Qianmo had also noticed Yun Xi and coughed, “Ill head back to the station first.”

Mu Feichi let out a sigh and pulled the lady to the side, so that she wouldnt get bumped into as they talked.

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