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After hanging up the call, Yun Xi walked back to the couch and looked at Xiao Jinglin, feeling bad for having to leave when it was her first time spending New Years Eve with him.

“Something has just happened.

I have to head out.”

“Whats wrong” Xiao Jinglin put the chess piece down and asked, “Cant it wait”

“There was an explosion at the Jingdu Grand Hotel.

One of Yumos friends got hurt, and Ill have to head to the hospital with her.

Mu Feichi should be dealing with the explosion now.

Im just heading out for a while, so you dont have to worry.”

“No way! Its dangerous for ladies to head out alone at night.

Ill go with you!”

Xiao Jinglin immediately understood why Mu Feichi had asked him to stop Yun Xi from heading out.

If it was a matter that even the Young Commander had to personally handle, it meant that things were very serious over there.

It made sense as Mu Feichi wouldnt want anything to happen to Yun Xi.

“I can just ask Xiaoer and Xiaosi to go with me.” Yun Xi looked at her father hesitantly.

She didnt want to make him go out with her when he finally got to rest.

“Im going! What if something happens to you Ill go get my coat!” Xiao Jinglin then turned to nod at Old Master Xiao before heading up the stairs.

Yun Xi looked at her father before turning to look at the old master, who gave her a nod.

She let out a sigh and went up the stairs.

Xiao Jinglins room was on the second floor, while hers was on the first floor.

As it was her first time there, Xiao Jinglin stopped and pointed at one of the doors on the first floor and said, “Its cold outside.

Get something warm to change into.

All the clothes in there are custom-tailored to fit you.

Try them on.”

Yun Xi nodded and pushed open the door to the room that Xiao Jinglin had left for her.

The lights in the room were on.

When she opened the door, the first thing she noticed was the pink and gray-colored king-sized bed that was decorated as if it had come from a fantasy.

The room was designed as if it belonged to a princess from a wealthy European country.

Although Yun Xi was already an adult, she didnt find the room too childish for her.

She had heard from Xiaosi that although the house was already designed before Xiao Jinglin bought it, her father had chosen all the furniture himself.

She could clearly see how much time and effort he had put into it.

No matter when she was with the Liang family or the Yun family, she never understood what the warmth of a family meant.

However, she felt that from the house she was in now, a place where she had first stepped foot in.

Perhaps because the people closest to her were all under the same roof, that was why she was able to feel the warmth of a family there.

She chose a light puffer jacket and a pair of thick sweat pants.

When she got out of her room, Xiao Jinglin was already waiting for her by the entrance.

When she saw him grabbing his scarf that was hung next to the door, she quickly jogged toward him with her bag in hand.

She then pulled out the scarf that she had knitted for him.

She had also knitted one for Mu Feichi, and he had hung it inside the closet as if that scarf was worth millions.

From his clothes to shoes and scarves, everything that Xiao Jinglin wore was personally designed by various famous fashion designers all over the world.

The scarf that she had knitted was intended as a New Year gift for him.

Xiao Jinglin looked at the scarf that was in transparent plastic.

It was a simple black and gray cashmere scarf, and he could tell that she hadnt bought it.

The father looked at his daughter in surprise.

He was unable to hide the grin on his face and accepted the gift as if he was a kid on Christmas morning.

“Did you knit this”

Yun Xi nodded with an embarrassed smile on her face, “Im not really good at knitting.

Hope you like it.”

Xiao Jinglin carefully touched the scarf before keeping it in the wardrobe by the door.

“I love it.

This is the best present Ive received thus far.”

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