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As the New Year approached, red lanterns were hung at the entrance of every household.

Yun Xi specially picked a time when Yun Yuanfeng was at home to make a trip back to the Yun family, bringing a few pots of rare camellias for her grandfather.

In order for everyone to enjoy the New Year festivities, Yun Chuhan got busy the moment the holidays started.

She took over Liang Xiuqins role and started to clean the house and prepare the New Year goods.

Auntie was not under her orders, and Second Aunt was only supervising from the side.

She was extremely busy, spinning around like a top, on the verge of breaking down.

In all her life, she had never been this tired!

However, she had jumped into this trap herself.

If she complained, all of her efforts during this period would be in vain.

Even if she wanted to take over the family, she would never have the chance to do so in the future!

Understanding this, she could only swallow all of her complaints when she saw Yun Xi return.

“It looks like Third Sister has been doing a good job organizing the household recently.

The preparations for the Lunar New Year are done quite well!”

When Yun Xi returned to the Yun family, she took an inventory of the things she needed for the New Year.

Most of them were already prepared, and the house was also cleaned up.

Apart from her room which had maintained its original state because she had forbidden others from entering, everything else looked like it was ready for the New Year.

These were all memories of her previous life.

The Yun family looked like they were celebrating the New Year.

It was a pity that Yun Ziling and Liang Xiuqin were not around.

However, the Yun family was now more peaceful and quiet.

Yun Chuhan harrumphed, her face full of pride and arrogance, “Of course! I have painstakingly arranged all of these matters!”

Yun Xi smiled, turning around to nod at her Second Aunt.

“Second Aunt has also worked hard recently.

I might not be able to return for the reunion dinner this year.”

“Huh Why Where are you going on New Years Eve”

Yun Xi shot a look at the curious Yun Chuhan, saying casually, “The Young Commander has invited me.”

Yao Ying understood what she meant and nodded slightly, “Since the Young Commander has invited you, you should stay at Mu Mansion to have the reunion dinner with him.

As hes a soldier, its not easy for him to be present.”

There were soldiers in the Yao family.

She knew very well that it was not easy for soldiers to have a reunion dinner, especially when the other party was the Young Commander of Jun Country, so she could understand why.

Yao Ying could understand, but Yun Chuhans stomach was full of sourness.

After working so hard for so many days, it was only her probation period.

Yun Xi didnt need to do anything and had easily obtained everything she wanted!

“Elder Sister, you havent even gotten married, and youre already having the reunion dinner at his house.

You dont have the self-respect of a girl at all.

If this gets out, what face would our Yun family have”

If she couldnt get what she wanted, Yun Xi shouldnt get what she wanted either!

Yun Chuhan took the opportunity to make things difficult for her, but Yun Xi didnt mind.

Instead, she looked at Yun Chuhan and laughed, making Yun Chuhan feel uncomfortable.

“Third Sister, you havent even started managing the household yet, but youve already learned the airs of the person-in-charge.

It does seem like youve lived up to your hard work recently.”

How could Yun Chuhan not hear the sarcasm in her words However, she could not help but continue to make things difficult for her.

“I… Im doing this for the sake of the Yun family.

Im saying this for your own good! I dont want others to gossip about you!”

Yun Xi shot a look at the figure that was walking down the stairs and then nodded.

“What you said seems to make a lot of sense.

Right now, mom is in prison, so I should ask dad about this matter.

If dad doesnt agree, then Ill just stay at home.”

As she said this, she deliberately asked Yun Yuanfeng, who was behind Yun Chuhan, “Dad, the Young Commander wants me to go to Mu Mansion to have New Years Eve dinner with him this year.

Third Sister feels that this is not appropriate, so I think I should ask for your opinion.”

Her words had given Yun Yuanfeng enough face.

With just a few words, she had succeeded in pushing Yun Chuhan out, and checkmated her.

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