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Mu Feichi appeared to be used to having all the attention on him.

After changing into a pair of home slippers, he walked toward Yun Xi.

He then stood in front of her, shielding her from the excessive attention.

“Boy, you are speaking in such a straightforward manner! Yun Xi is still young! If we are not in a hurry, why are you in such a rush”

Old Master Mu knew his grandsons military-styled character very well.

Mu Feichi wouldnt let go once he had made a decision.

He had always been a decisive man and would never be wishy-washy.

“Once I miss the train, I would lose the opportunity.

So how can I not be in a rush to get on”

Mu Feichi greeted Old Master Xiao politely.

That switch to a humble look and attitude was so smooth that no one could say anything about it.

Old Master Mu couldnt help but shake his head.

Initially, it was just a simple visit for the Chinese New Year.

But now that both their elders were around, it immediately turned into a meeting of the future in-laws.

Mu Feichi chuckled softly and then looked at the time.

“I heard from our butler that more important guests will be coming to the house”


My old comrades wanted to come when they heard that Yun Xi would be visiting.

You should know that they are all people with grandsons.

So, if you mistreat Yun Xi, dont blame me for introducing her to your childhood friends.”

“Grandpa! Im your biological grandson, alright” Mu Feichi turned to look at Yun Xi and smiled helplessly.

“You are already on her side even before she is married to me.

I can already imagine my status at home in the future!”

“You dont have to think about it.

Look at where you are now, and it will be the same in the future.”

Hearing such a reply from Old Master Mu, everyone in the living room laughed.

Yun Xi stood behind Mu Feichi and poked him on the waist, trying to get him to end the conversation soon.

Having noticed Yun Xis embarrassment, Old Master Mu changed the topic, “When the Old Chiefs are here, take Yun Xi with you and entertain them well.

There are many guests here, so dont neglect anyone.”

The last time Mu Feichi brought her back to the Mu familys house, Yun Xi could still handle it well even though there were many people.

But this time, there were many relatives whom she had not met before.

In addition, several Old Chiefs would be coming over for dinner, so it was a big and lively gathering.

If Mu Feichi had not come back in time to help, Yun Xi might not have been able to hold up against Mu Chenhaos way of introducing her to everyone.

After all, those present today were all distinguished figures of great importance.

One could easily see them on current affairs news at any time.

However, it wouldnt be easy to invite them to parties or banquets.

So Yun Xi felt that it was her honor to meet them all in one night.

Yun Xi knew that she wouldnt be able to meet these people in her previous life, even if she paid for the connections.

However, she was lucky to have them all on her side in this life because of Mu Feichi.

With Mu Feichi beside her, Yun Xi gradually felt better and wasnt as restrained when talking to the Old Chiefs.

When the gathering finally ended, Yun Xi got into Mu Feichis car as she needed to go to her familys residential compound.

As for Xiao Jinglin and Old Master Xiao, they took another car back to Mount Tianyu.

“Why did your father suddenly ask you to go home” Mu Feichi turned to Yun Xi after instructing the driver to drive toward the Yun familys residential compound.

“Hes bringing his lover home and wanted me to meet her.

They probably couldnt wait to get married since her baby bump started to show! If they waited until the child was born, his colleagues might associate his second marriage with cheating.

That would not look good for him.”

Mu Feichi clicked his tongue.

Yun Yuanfeng always thought highly of himself, but it was just sheer self-deception.

So, anyone observant would be able to see right through him.

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