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Yun Xi walked into the garden that she had not stepped foot in for years.

She looked at the weed-infested garden and suddenly felt an urge to leave.

However, before she could even turn around, Mu Feichi took out a key and opened the door.

The lady looked at her man in surprise and exclaimed, “Where did you get the key I dont even have it!”

Her uncle had given her a set of keys to the house once, but Liang Xinyi took it away from her, and she never dared to tell her uncle about it.

When Chen Lixue learned that her daughter had taken away Yun Xis keys, she would sometimes head out late into the night, just so Yun Xi would have to wait outside in the cold winter.

Unfortunately for Chen Lixue, Yun Xi was not an idiot.

If it was cold outside, she would stay at Tang Chengs shack to finish her homework.

Since Chen Lixue would have to pass by Tang Chengs house to get home, whenever Yun Xi heard movement outside, she would take a shortcut back home and pretend that she had been waiting outside for a while.

It wasnt hard for Yun Xi to counter the tricks from a village woman like Chen Lixue.

To be able to see Chen Lixue smirk and think that she had suffered was fun for her to watch.

Little did she know that what she said had pained the hearts of both men next to her.

They could not believe that after living there for so long, Yun Xi still didnt even have the key to the house.

They couldnt even imagine the kind of life she had lived back then.

Yun Xi was sensitive enough to notice the changes in their expressions, and she quickly realized that she shouldnt have said that.

She let out a light cough and poked Mu Feichis arm, signaling him to open the door.

Mu Feichi let out a sigh and gave the key to Yun Xi.

“I got this from your uncle.

Why dont you open it”

Yun Xi nodded and quickly opened the door to avoid any awkward conversation.

Muyang wasnt as busy as Jingdu was.

Cement concrete roads were only recently built in the village so that cars could drive through.

The Liang familys house was a small single-floor house with two rooms and one storage.

A dining table could be seen in the small living room.

In the corner was a very old bamboo couch.

The only thing that was worth any money in the place was the small fridge that Chen Lixue had pestered her husband to buy.

Yun Xi felt awkward for the two men who were born into rich, prestigious families to step foot into such a place.

Mu Feichi scanned the living room and could vaguely picture the life Yun Xi had lived in there for more than ten years.

He then turned to look at her and asked, “Wheres your room”

“Mine Um… its better if we dont take a look at it.”

Despite saying that, the two men insisted on seeing the room.

Yun Xi had no choice but to lead them to the storage in the corner and open the wooden door.

She took a look inside and realized that after she had left, the small bed had been removed.

Instead, it was replaced by random stuff.

However, all the certificates she had received over the years were still hanging on the wall.

The two men stood quietly at the door and looked at the tiny room that was a little more than a meter wide.

It wasnt enough to put a normal-sized bed.

They couldnt even fathom what kind of life the lady had to have experienced in there, nor could they begin to imagine the humiliation she had to endure under the roof of another family.

The atmosphere turned even more awkward.

None of the men opened their mouths as they were worried that if they did, they wouldnt be able to hide the pain in their hearts.

“Theres nothing to see in here.

None of this was supposed to be mine anyway.

I was living the life of another person.

I just feel lucky that I could grow up safely.”

Yun Xi had intended for Xiao Jinglin to hear those words.

Unlike Mu Feichi, she knew that her father would feel even worse because he would blame himself for not having taken care of her and giving her a better life.

To her, all of that was already in the past.

Even though her life for the past eighteen years wasnt considered the best as she was constantly bullied by the Liang sisters and Chen Lixue, she still managed to grow up safely, and she was even able to find her real father.

That was the best blessing that she could ever hope to receive from God.

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