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“Huh Who is it You didnt tell me!”

“You met Mr.

Quan at the charity auction.

Do you recall who he is”

Yun Xi immediately remembered.

It was the young man who had stood beside Young Master Huo that day.

He had the aura of a soldier like Mu Feichi, and his every movement and gesture were of nobility.

No matter how she looked at him, he did not seem like an ordinary person.

Young Master Huo only allowed her to address him as Mr.


He did not make any introductions or explanations.

It was obvious that his status was extraordinary.

“He looked like he had a special identity.”

“Indeed, he is not simple.

He is the head of a prestigious family in S City, and he is also a senior consultant for many departments in the military.

He is very good at military strategies and political tactics.

Some time ago, the military even invited him to go back to be the commander for those rookie drills.

In the other departments, he is an invisible consultant.

He is like another pair of eyes for the president—a pair of eyes that uncovers problems.

Every year, when the Constitution is amended, you can see him sitting on the stage.

He has many identities.

He may look like he does not have any real power, but in reality, one sentence from him can decide the future of a departments senior officer.

Many people treat him with honor.

They respect and even fear him.

They are afraid that if they are not careful, they will be dragged down to eternal damnation!”

“But he looks young.

He shouldnt be much older than you, right”

After he said that, she finally understood why she felt pressured, when she first met Mr.


It was an innate presence that belonged to someone in power.

It was sharp and imposing.

“Thats right.

The Quan family is just like their surname.

The family has been serving the military for generations.

This man is not simple.

Hes a very admirable character.

If the Mu family is integrated into politics and business, then the Quan family is the representative of the military and political power.


Quan, Young Master Huo, and I are all alumni of West Point Military College.

If you guys go over this time and he hosts you, itll be easier for you to get things done.”

“I dont dare trouble such a big shot…”

“Its no trouble at all.

After all, hell be helping the person whos going to become his sister-in-law in the future.

Hes the eldest brother among the three of us, so hell happy to help!”

“Mu Three-Years-Old, youre quite cute when youre shameless!”

With two esteemed guests staying at Mu Mansion, Yun Xi didnt dare to laze in bed.

She woke up the moment her internal body clock rang.

When she woke up, Mu Feichi was no longer by her side, and faint voices could be heard downstairs.

She put on her coat and walked to the window.

She drew the curtains open and looked down.

To her surprise, she saw Old Master Xiao and Mr.

Xiao walking back in their casual coats.

Beside them was Mu Feichi, who was dressed in a dark green camouflage outfit for his morning run.

Even the old man had woken up so early, so she did not feel sleepy anymore.

She quickly changed into a pair of black thermal pants and a woolen jacket before rushing downstairs.

The moment she reached downstairs, she saw the three of them chatting happily in the living room.

She stopped in her tracks and smiled at Old Master Xiao.

“Good morning, Grandpa! Good morning, Mr.


Old Master Xiao waved at Yun Xi.

“The girl is awake! Come and have breakfast together!”

“All right!” Yun Xi nodded.

She happily ran over to support him, and the grandfather and granddaughter headed toward the dining hall as if no one else was around.

The other two men looked at each other innocently.

“Uncle Jing, please go ahead.

Ill go upstairs to change.”

Mu Feichi looked at both the old and young figures and narrowed his eyes with a half-smile.

He could tell that even though the girl did not look forward to kinship, she still yearned for familial warmth.

Some things arrived neither early nor late—they just happened to be in your possession right when you need them.

This was a form of happiness that money could not buy.

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