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On the way to the airport, Yun Xi felt uneasy all through the ride.

Now and then she would look out the window to watch the snow falling on the road outside.

Unexpectedly, the snow stopped before the car even reached the airport.

It was her first time seeing the old man.

Mu Feichi could tell she was nervous, so he handed her the Spring Festival itinerary that he had taken from Gu Baifan.

The Mu family always had a series of activities planned for the Spring Festival every year.

From entertaining guests to gatherings and family visits—they were all listed in the itinerary.

Mu Feichi never needed to worry about things like these since Gu Baifan would take care of everything.

Mu Feichi had two duties to uphold, so no one would complain if they did not get to meet his lordship.

After all, with his identity as the Young Commander and his unique profession of defending his country, everyone could understand the heavy burden he carried.

However, this year was different.

Gu Baifan was well aware of the importance Yun Xi had in Mu Feichis heart.

Once she came of age, she would be the person he would share his burdens with.

After all, she would eventually become the lady of the Mu Mansion, and it would boost her confidence if she learned to adapt sooner rather than later.

Yun Xi looked at the thick folder he handed over and was a little confused.

It took a long time before she finally took it from him and turned to look at the man beside her, “Why are you giving me this These are your family matters.

Shouldnt you hold onto it”

”Youre going to be the future madam of the family to all of them soon.

Youll eventually be in charge of all this anyway.

You can start picking things up slowly.

The more skills you learn, the better your chances of surviving in this world.”

”Mu Three-Years-Old, you call these survival skills Hey, wait, what do you mean madam of the family…”

After realizing what he just said, Yun Xi suddenly blushed and kicked him feistily, “When did I ever agree to become the madam of your family I cant take on a role like that!”

”And why not Hmm” The man asked knowingly as he moved closer to her by putting one hand on the back of her chair, with a wicked grin on his charming face that carried a hint of threat.

“If you wont be the madam of the family, then you can be the Young Commanders missus instead! Im fine with whatever you choose, but it has to be either one of the two.”

Yun Xi blinked, looking completely stumped as she stared back at the cheeky man in front of her.

These were hardly options at all.

No matter whichever one she chose, it would equate to giving him the same answer he wanted anyway.

After a long hesitation, she retorted in resistance, “I request for a third option!”


”Sure!” Mu Feichi nodded.

Smiling with cheeky eyes, he threw a third option at her, “The missus of Mu Feichi then.”

”…” Yun Xi blushed coyly, then she pointed to herself with a smile, “Young Commander Mu, might I ask Are you perhaps proposing or confessing your affections to me right now”

Mu Feichi raised an eyebrow with a little more seriousness and solemnity on his face this time.

“If you want to think of it as a confession, thats fine too.

But if you call it a proposal, then I think itll have to be more formal and proper than this.

After all, youre not somebody I want to just make do with, so anything I give to you must be nothing but the best.

Even if you wanted anything less, I wont allow it!”

”A proposal is just a ceremony after all.

You dont need to think too much of it.

And besides, Im not a fussy person.”

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Because she didnt have too many things in her last life, she did not dare to yearn for too much in this life either.

Having someone to share this life with was more than enough for her.

She never expected that everything she had longed for but could never have in her past life, Mu Feichi alone was able to satisfy—all her deepest desires in this life of hers.

This man was truly wicked, and she had unknowingly made a deal with the devil.

”Well, pardon me then, because I am! Since youve given me something so precious that only happens once in a lifetime, Ill be sure to take good care of you.”

”…” Those words sounded too audacious to her ears, so she selectively chose to ignore them.

“Dont guys normally use sweet flattery when confessing to a girl Youve left me with no options.

Youre simply being unreasonably crude!”

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