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Qiao Ximin glanced at the nervous looking Qiao Xinli, and then at the ashen Qiao Dehao.

Then, she grabbed the folder in his hand, and flipped through the documents one by one.

The more she looked, the more she felt chills creeping into her heart.

This father and son pair had been hiding awful things from her all along! Abusing and dealing with drugs That was the sharpest and deadliest blade of all to threaten their status within the circle of Jingdus high society.

A single cut from it could ruin the entire familys future! For a moment, she felt as though she had been drenched with ice-cold water, and the piercing coldness buzzed through her body.

”You a*shole!” Thinking of how her father would surely sacrifice her happiness for this rascal, Qiao Ximin couldnt hold back her anger and resentment any longer.

She shut the folder in her hands and slammed it against Qiao Xinli.

”Are you trying to ruin the Qiao family Are you trying to kill us all”

”The Qiao family has raised you for so many years.

How could you be so ungrateful…”

The edgy corners of the folder crushed against Qiao Xinli, slashing his face and neck, and blood started to ooze from the open cuts.

Qiao Ximin behaved ever more indiscriminately as the blood boiled within her.

The piercing pain was so unbearable that Qiao Xinli hugged his head and hid behind Qiao Dehao with a cowardly look on his face.

”Dad, look… she actually hit me…”

”Who else am I supposed to hit if not you Dad, look at what you raised! Hes done wrong, and now he wants me to make up for it! Who does he think he is”

”Minmin…” Qiao Dehao stood stricken in front of Qiao Xinli.

Trying to dodge the folder that Qiao Ximin was waving around like a weapon while trying to grab hold of her.

“Listen to me, we have to discuss this matter…”

”What is there to discuss Cant you see that people are already knocking at our door with threats What better solution could you possibly have to solve this”

This was a dead-end from the very start.

There was no other way of solving this besides having her marry Han Yaotian! At this very moment, she had only one thought in her head, and that was to strangle this b*stard of a brother to death!


Qiao Dehao looked helplessly at Han Yaotian who was patiently waiting for him to decide.

No wonder he seemed so calm and confident.

He was sure that Qiao Dehao would have no choice but to agree to his request! Whether it was for Qiao Xinli or the Qiao family, he had to give in eventually.

Sacrificing a daughters marriage in exchange for the safety of his only son and the glory and wealth of the Qiao Corporation.

This transaction seemed like a good deal, but he had a nagging feeling in the back of his head that it couldnt be as simple as that.

”Chairman Han, we need some time to think this through…”

Han Yaotian nodded.

Hearing Qiao Dehaos words, he knew that this was a sign of compromise, and stood up without saying much else.

“Sure, Ill give you a day to think about it.

Come back to me with an answer same time tomorrow.”

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He raised his eyes to look at Qiao Ximin who was in front of him, and with a chuckle, he stepped forward and clasped her wrist, “Miss Qiao, I have something to say to you.

Chairman Qiao, if you dont mind”

Qiao Ximin wriggled her clasped wrist, but was pulled out of the drawing room by Han Yaotian before she could even break free.

Then, he led her up the stairway to the terrace on the highest floor.

”Let go of me!” Qiao Ximin struggled endlessly but was still unable to break free from his tightly clasped palm, and she was led all the way to the rooftop.

”I said let go! Just say whatever you want to say!” As soon as they reached the rooftop, Qiao Ximin held her stance, then she swung her hand and jerked his body back.

Han Yaotian finally let her go and turned around.

Step by step, he walked closer to Qiao Ximin.

”What are you trying to do Ill have you know, this is the Qiao Corporation headquarters.

You better show me some respect!”

Han Yaotian chuckled, and then he moved closer and closer, backing her against the wall until there was nowhere else for her to go.

Then, he finally stopped.

Leaning his body close, he pressed her against the wall.

”In front of the woman I like, I believe I have restrained myself well enough and have shown you more than enough respect…”

Leaning in, he moved his face close to hers.

His flirtatious and charming face inching closer and closer while his deep sultry voice slurred suggestively with a hint of deadly seduction.

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