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The Han family and the Qiao family had been at each others throats for the sake of the Big Four Conglomerate Families, but now Han Yaotian wanted them to shake hands and form a marriage alliance No fool would ever believe that there were no personal gains involved.

Whats more, even if she wanted to get married, she would never choose a family like the Hans that was inferior to the Qiao family!

”Han Yaotian, the incident of that day has passed, and there were no reports of it in the media.

What are you still so hung up about it”

”Miss Qiao, I am a responsible man.

I said that I would be responsible for what happened that day, so I will keep my word to the very end.

With all due respect, I am here today to represent the Han family with utmost sincerity to ask for your daughters hand in marriage! I do hope Chairman Qiao will agree to my request and allow me to marry your daughter.”

”In your dreams!” Qiao Ximin was filled with hostility and disdain as she retorted with uncontrollable rage and resistance, “Even if what happened that night wasnt a mistake, I still wouldnt marry you!”

”Chairman Han, you heard how unhappy my daughter is, so I wont force this on her either.

As the saying goes, a melon forced off its vine can never be sweet.

Im sorry, Chairman Han, but Im afraid that Ill have to ask you to leave!”

”Chairman Qiao, I came here wanting to have a good talk with you and to ask for your blessing with absolute sincerity, but since youre being so heartless, then Im afraid I cant play nice after all.”

Then, he shoved the folder he brought toward Qiao Dehao.

“Before rejecting me, perhaps you might like to look at these documents.

After reading them, you may reconsider what I just said.

My request still stands, and that is to sincerely marry your daughter!”

Qiao Dehao saw the confidence on his face.

It was obvious the man came prepared, so he did not dare to underestimate the folder that was shoved in his face.

After hesitating, he finally took the folder.

This was likely no ordinary folder.

Whether he read it or not, he would still have to pay for what was inside.

If he read it, he would at least know what he was up against, but that came with a price.

If he chose not to read it, he would be left in the dark.

And if whatever was inside was used against them, the consequences may be unthinkable.

Qiao Dehao glanced at Qiao Ximin, and finally opened the folder in his hand and started looking through the pages.

The more he read, the darker his face became, and the hand that was flipping through the documents started shaking uncontrollably.

He raised his head abruptly, his cold eyes fixed on Han Yaotian, who seemed completely at ease across from him, “How did you get all this information”


This was the first time in so many years that he had been threatened so directly!

”As long as I want to, nothing is too difficult to get my hands on.

Chairman Qiao, youre a clever man.

Im sure youre well aware that if any of this information were to be exposed to the media, the Qiao Corporation might collapse before its even able to secure its position in the Big Four.

For example…”

Han Yaotian pointed to one of the documents.

“Young Master Qiaos evidence of using and dealing with drugs.

Drug abuse may result in nothing more than forced admittance into a rehab center, but dealing drugs is a whole other ball game.

Im afraid the Qiao familys still shaky reputation might have to suffer a fatal blow.

Youll all probably have a hard time explaining yourselves to the Young Commander Mu, dont you think”

”You…” Qiao Dehaos face suddenly stiffened as he clenched his fists and trembled with anger.

He had only recently learned about Qiao Xinlis affairs himself and had explicitly forbidden him from getting further involved.

He certainly never expected that people would find out about this!

Being caught using drugs was no big deal, but dealing drugs was very much so.

It was a crime that could be sentenced in Jingdu!

The Qiao family had just only made their way into the Big Four Conglomerate Families.

If such a scandal broke out, forget about getting kicked out of the Big Four—their family might never get back up on their feet again!

They had operated in a low-key manner for so many years, climbing their way up cautiously.

Not to mention, they had finally won the favor of the Prime Minister too.

If the Qiao family lost everything overnight and became nothing but pesky street rats just because of this incident, he would be forever deemed as the black sheep of the Qiao family!

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