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When Li Zilan arrived at the gates of the compound, she looked at the fence that had been blasted open, and she suddenly felt a pounding headache.

“You guys, expand the search to a wider radius and make sure there are no threats on any vantage points within two miles!”

“Yes, maam!” The four special forces members quickly got into the car, leading the two off-road vehicles behind them, and sped off in search of vantage points within a radius of two miles.

Because of the sound of the explosion, everyone in the military region residences had become alarmed, and the security in the compound was heightened to a first-class defense.

Yun Xi had returned from her inspection around the explosion site and was relieved after confirming that the security personnel living in the adjacent dormitory building had only been mildly injured.

Li Zilan ran her eyes across Yun Xis body.

“How was it Is everyone okay”

“All is well!” Yun Xi patted off the dust on her body.

Then, as if a thought suddenly came to mind, she took out her phone and hit dial.

“Where is that b*stard son of Han Hongbins right now”

“Miss Yun, we were just about to call you.

Weve lost the target…”

“Lost the target How could you lose sight of the target” Yun Xis heart skipped a beat.

She had a bad feeling in her gut about this.

That b*stard son of Han Hongbins was different from Han Yaotian.

The guy was a terrorist, a walking timebomb waiting to explode.

Especially since he was also an expert at making bombs, they had debated and hesitated for a long time before finally letting him out.

In the end, they used the socialite ball to deliberately turn a blind eye and help Han Hongbin.

Although the intelligence unit had been secretly tailing him, who would have thought that a special ops member from the intelligence unit would actually end up losing the guy


“That rascal is a cunning fellow who also happens to know counter-tracking techniques.

After he found out that we were following him, hes been going to crowded places lately.

We never lost him before, but somehow he just suddenly disappeared today… We suspect there may be someone helping him.”

“The perimeter wall of the military region residences has been bombed.

I suspect it was his doing.

Figure out a way to locate him and update me once you find anything! As long as this guy is still out there, hell be a threat to us!”

“Were trying our best to locate him as we speak.”

After hanging up the phone, Yun Xi looked at the shattered wall.

The air still smelled of gunpowder smoke, and her one ear was still buzzing, almost as if she were partially deaf.

“This must be that lunatics idea of a provocation.

If this issue revolving around the Han family is not resolved as soon as possible, and, with Crocodile still hidden, this guy is bound to stir up more chaos!”

“I know…” With a sudden thought, she took a deep breath and called Gu Baifan.

“Listen to me, the military region compound has just been bombed, and we now suspect that Han Hongbins illegitimate son did it.

From now on, all employees of the Mu Corporation must have their belongings strictly checked upon entering and exiting the compound, and nonauthorized personnel will be strictly prohibited from access.

The security has been heightened to first-class defense, and any suspicious person found will be persecuted immediately! I am worried that he will launch an attack at the headquarters.

That guy is a lunatic.

His mind works differently from the way ordinary people think…”

“Okay, Ill make the necessary arrangements immediately!” Gu Baifan recognized the seriousness of the problem at hand and hung up the phone without blabbering on.

After ending the conversation, Yun Xi turned to look at the security personnel patrolling back and forth behind her.

Most of them were from Mu Feichis team of special forces, and a few of them had temporarily taken on the role of a plasterer.

They were cleaning up the explosion site in an orderly manner and rebuilding the wall as quickly as possible.

An announcement had been broadcast throughout the compound earlier, and none of the families were out walking or driving on the streets.

All of them were sensible enough to stay in their own homes to ensure safety without giving anyone else more trouble.

“Its all my fault.

I shouldnt have let that lunatic leave Tianyu Mountain…” Looking at the mess, Yun Xi slapped herself a few times in annoyance.

Letting that lunatic out had been a dangerous decision, and if anything were to happen to Jingdu because of him, she would be the one responsible.

“Enough, stop blaming yourself.

Lets focus on dealing with this matter instead.

Ill inform the Young Commander so he can come back.

With New Years Day just right around the corner, the security will be tightened in Jingdu, so dont worry too much.”

Yun Xi sighed in exasperation.

With such a dangerous person roaming around outside, there was no way she could not worry.

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