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After breakfast, Yun Xi had Team Leader A drive her to the intelligence unit in the military residences.

Mu Feichi had dumped the mess from last night for her to clean up.

She knew what needed to be done, but she still had to ask for some information from Xiang Yuanxun.

The moment the car started moving, Han Yaotian called.

Yun Xi was surprised to hear from him because she had just been thinking about paying him a visit.

She had not received any news from him about the ambush last night.

Since they were supposed to be collaborating, as an insider, he should have at least notified her that Han Hongbin was going to attack her.

“Chairman Han, are you calling me to check if Im dead yet”

“Miss Yun…” When Han Yaotian heard her opening remark, he panicked.

“I really had no idea about what was happening last night.

Early this morning, when I saw a car full of corpses coming into our house, I figured something must have happened.

My dad had kept this from me.

He hadnt informed me at all about his plans.”

“Oh So, you had no idea I guess your dad is really protective about that b*stard son of his! In order to avenge that b*stard, he paid a bunch of mercenaries just to have me killed.

If I hadnt been lucky, I wouldve probably been waiting for you in the underworld right now!”

“I shouldve been more careful! Im so sorry… I promise there wont be a next time!”

Han Hongbins protectiveness toward that illegitimate son made Han Yaotian extremely jealous.

He was also an illegitimate child.

Why was there such a huge gap in the treatment they received

“Well see if theres a next time.

How are your preparations coming along for the Qiao family”

“Im on my way to the Qiao Corporation.

Ill let you know as soon as I have the results…”

Before shed heard the last of Han Yaotians words, the right side of the fence surrounding the military region residences suddenly exploded just as the car reached the gates.

The car was in close proximity, and the first shock wave hit the glass of the car windows.


The explosion was so deafening that it cracked the bulletproof glass into a million lines like a cobweb.

Team Leader A immediately hit the brakes and the ears of everyone in the car instantly buzzed from the impact that blasted through their eardrums.

Shortly after, the emergency alarm installed on the fences of the compound sounded throughout the neighborhood, and almost all of the security guards manning the gates rushed over the moment the explosion went off.

Yun Xi shook her throbbing head and she raised her head and anxiously looked at the two people in the front seat.

“Are you both okay”

“Were okay…” Team Leader A had barely moved an inch when the windshield suddenly collapsed.

It wasnt his first time encountering such an unexpected situation.

Quickly taking out the gun in his pocket, he said, “Miss Yun, we should hurry back to Tianyu Mountain, in case there are snipers waiting from a distance.”

If they had been bold enough to plant bombs around the perimeter, then there must be snipers in the area.

If they were to get out of the car right now, it would be the best time for the snipers to open fire.

“No! Drive into the compound.

I need to see if there are any casualties!”

The commotion had alarmed the security team manning the compound.

She was not worried about her safety, but whether the explosion earlier had injured anyone.

Turning away, she looked at the wall to her right that had been blown up, and the glass windows of the apartment next to it that had also suffered from the bombing.

After rummaging around for her phone, she immediately gave Li Zilan a call.

“Instructor Zilan, inform the security team of the military region residences and Tianyu Mountain to be on high alert.

Something happened here at the compound.”

“I heard an explosion.

Im rushing over there as we speak.

Dont worry about Tianyu Mountain.

Theyll never make it through to there.

Where are you right now”

“Im at the gates of the residences! Im going to check if there are any casualties.”

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