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Chapter 161: Cant Let Their Savior Suffer Grievances

Chen Yichen heard his grandmas voice and hurried up the stairs.

“Grandma…” Looking at Mrs.

Chen, who was now able to stand up, Chen Yichen looked astonished.

So many doctors in the hospital had said that she needed surgery, but Yun Xi had only used Chinese medicine and foot massage to cure her.

“Grandma, you can stand up! Yun Xis medical skills are truly amazing.”

Not only was she skilled with a scalpel, but she also understood the complexities of Chinese medicine.

She really amazed him.

He thought about how calm and confident she was when she treated people.

At that moment, he felt that this girl was a dazzling and radiant being.

Jiang Wanyun also sighed with awe.

“Yes! We definitely didnt expect this girl to have such good medical skills at such a young age.

She cured you without surgery.”

When shed witnessed her performing surgery on the train, shed felt doubtful and panicky.

Shed never thought that she could actually save her sons life.

Now that the old Madame had stood up again without undergoing surgery, this was another great favor she had done for the Chen family.

The pain and danger of surgery had been successfully avoided, and old Madame Chen was full of gratitude now.

They hadnt had any hope.

Theyd never expected her to actually be cured.

“Chen Chen, hurry up and go to the Yun familys house to pick up Yun Xi.

We have to thank her profusely.”

“Okay, Grandma!”

As soon as Chen Yichen responded, Jiang Wanyun stopped him.

“Chen Chen, wait a moment.”

Jiang Wanyun looked at old Madame Chen.

“Mom, you have already seen what kind of person Yun Xis mother was at the auction.

If Chen Chen personally invites Yun Xi to come over, Im afraid she will try to manipulate Yun Xi again.

At that time, it would be our fault if Yun Xi was wronged.”

Only then did old Madame Chen remember that Yun Xi had come over to apologize for her mother and cousin.

Obviously she was the one who had been aggrieved, but she had been forced to come and plead forgiveness for the mistakes of her outrageous mother and cousin.

What an outlandish family!

The Chen family didnt care about money because they had more than enough.

Yun Xi had saved Grandma, and her kindness must be repaid.

But it must be Yun Xi who received their gratitude, not her family members, who have not done anything but still wanted to take advantage of her all the time.

Since she had been their savior, they wouldnt let her suffer any grievances.

“Chen Chen…” As soon as old Madame Chen had spoken, Chen Yichen patted the back of her hand to comfort her.

“Grandma, your grandson knows what to do, dont worry! Im going to invite Yun Xi to come over.”

As soon as Yun Xi ran up to the sentry post, she saw Mu Feichis car drive down from the mountain not far away.

The guard at the sentry post received the news from the gate of the villa complex and came out from the sentry post box.

“Miss Yun, the eldest son of the Chen family is at the gate of the villa complex, and he is inviting you to go over to his home.”

Yun Xi paused.

“How did you find me here”

“We all know that you usually run in the morning at this time, so the doorman called and asked us to let you know.”

She herself probably didnt know it yet, but she had quite the reputation throughout Tianyu Mountain.

In private, many guards watched videos of her running through the mountains.

They also closely watched her in combat as a reference to further develop their own combat skills.

“Okay, I got it.

Thank you!”

Yun Xi turned her head and glanced at the figure getting out of the car, who the guard saluted respectfully.

“Whats the matter” Mu Feichi turned his head and glanced at the guard.

“The eldest son of the Chen family is at the gate of the villa complex, looking for Miss Yun…”

The guard noticed that when Young Marshal Mu heard the name of the eldest son of the Chen family, his eyes sharpened in an instant.

He really didnt have the guts to continue his sentence.

Mu Feichi turned his head, and his sulky eyes were sharply fixed on Yun Xis flushed face, and he asked her in an interrogative tone, “Why is he looking for you”

“Its probably because of old Madame Chens illness.

It has almost been a week, and I planned on visiting her today anyway.”

“Get in the car.” Mu Feichi said coldly and turned around to enter the car.

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