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After their car hit the first car approaching them, Xiaosi turned the steering wheel and stepped on the accelerator, rushing away from the car behind him.

Team Leader A cooperated well.

He stepped on the accelerator and slammed into the second car.

In the dark night, gunshots could be heard coming from the desolate suburban road.

When Team Leader A stepped on the accelerator and hit the second car, Qi Yitan quickly rolled down his window.

He took out his gun and shot the driver in the head.

His actions were fast, accurate, ruthless, and without any hesitation! Even Team Leader A, who was used to big scenes, was stunned.

The driver, who was holding the steering wheel, lost control of the car after he was hit by the bullet.

The car started to spin and went straight into the grass at top speed.

By the time the people in the car realized what was happening, it was already too late.

After a while, several cars came out of nowhere.

The pitch-black night was their cover.

Their target was not only Yun Xis car, but also Qi Yitans and Team Leader As cars.

The bullets hit the car windows.

When Yun Xi saw that the situation wasnt looking hopeful and that the other partys numbers had doubled, she took out another lightweight gun and instructed Xiaosi.

“Drive the car into the underbrush and quickly approach that abandoned factory.

They have more people, so we can only use our wits!”

“Okay!” Xiaosi stepped on the accelerator, and the car sped into the wilderness.

Seeing this, Team Leader A turned the steering wheel and followed.

Since they did not know how many people there were, they had to wait for the reinforcements from Tianyu Mountain.

They could not split up to avoid being shot by their allies during the battle.

Qi Yitan looked at the dark building behind the bushes in front of him and roughly guessed what she wanted to do.

This place was neither too far nor too close to Tianyu Mountain.

It would still take some time for them to rush over to rescue her.

The only thing they could do now was to stall for time.



The car had just stopped when Yun Xi, Xiaosi, and Xiaoer quickly got out of the car.

Together with Team Leader A, the four of them rushed into the messy corridors of the abandoned factory.

Qi Yitan, who was following behind them, saw that they were cooperating well and did not intend to communicate with him at all.

He put on his equipment and followed them.

As soon as he stepped into the dark corridor, his eyes adjusted to the darkness, and he determined the location where he could obtain the best vantage point.

As he turned his head to look, a dark shadow quickly moved to hide behind the railing.

This girls reactions were quite fast!

The sound of a car could be heard from outside.

Qi Yitan quickly ran into the corridor and found a suitable place to hide.

Yun Xi leaned against the railings, using the abandoned wooden boards to conceal herself as she aimed at the stairway.

Under the dim night sky, Qi Yitan looked at the motionless figure in the opposite corner.

Her gun was already loaded, and the girls movements were not only swift but also attractive.

Yun Xi seemed to have noticed where he was standing, and she turned her head to glance around before returning to her original position.

The sound of a car approaching could be heard.

Two black off-road vehicles charged into the area arrogantly.

With the cars as cover, the people in the cars dispersed into the night.

Under the cover of night, a few shadows quickly hid around the stairwell.

A gunshot suddenly rang out in the quiet grass.

The second gunshot was followed by a third…

Following that was the sound of heavy objects falling.

The person in the shadows shot at the same spot like a madman, and the sound of gunshots echoed.

Hiding behind the railing, Yun Xi lowered her body and crawled backward, shifting her position.

Amid the gunshots, Qi Yitan lowered his eyes to look at the figure who had moved to his side and loaded her gun.

“Nice marksmanship! Little thing, it looks like Im going to have a whole new level of respect for you!”

His low, dark voice was filled with amusement and indescribable admiration.



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