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As the New Year was getting close, the night streets were decorated with red lanterns and LED lights.

Every part of Jingdu screamed that the festive season was just around the corner.

After Yun Xi had asked Xiaoer to buy them plane tickets to city F on the next day, her phone rang.

The moment she answered the call, Team Leader A spoke in a cold tone.


Yun! Theres a situation!”

Yun Xi jumped a little and quickly turned on her speaker.

“Team Leader A.

Whats going on”

“There are four cars trailing you.

One of them is Mr.


He has been following you ever since you left the hotel.

The other three came out a few minutes after that.

It doesnt seem like they belong to Mr.


Yun Xi turned around to take a look, but since there were a lot of cars on the street, she didnt know which cars were following them.

“Dont alert them.

Follow them and try and make sure who their target is.

Also, try to identify how many people we are dealing with.

Keep the call alive.”

Yun Xi then turned to the two guards sitting in the front.

Ever since she had been kidnapped the last time, she wasnt as anxious as she had been.

Instead, her danger awareness was heightened, and she knew that a small mistake could screw everything up.

Xiaoer quickly turned around and yelled, “Team Leader A! What are their license plate numbers Well drive slower and stop by the traffic light in front of us.

I have a newly developed drone with me that can do an infrared scan of enemy vehicles.

Well have to make sure how many people we are dealing with and whether they are armed or not first before coming up with a plan.”

Yun Xi studied their surroundings and then looked at the sportscar that was following them.

When they stopped at the traffic light, the sportscar stopped next to them.

Qi Yitan rolled his window down and gently knocked on Yun Xis window.

Through the tinted window, Yun Xi frowned.

Even though she didnt want to talk to Qi Yitan, she couldnt just pretend to not see him.

She then rolled her window down and asked, “Mr.

Qi, youve been following me for quite some time now.

Do you need anything”

Qi Yitan rested one of his hands on the steering wheel as he turned his head to look at Yun Xi.

“Well, Ms.

Yun, I was wondering if you wanted to go get a drink”

The sudden invitation caught Yun Xi by so much surprise that she didnt know how to react for a second.

“Thank you for the invitation, Mr.

Qi, but its too cold outside right now so Ill have to refuse.”

“Come on.

I came across a pretty nice place just around here recently…” Qi Yitan suddenly paused when he saw the passenger seat window roll down and a drone fly out of it.

“Whats going on” His expression quickly turned serious.

He recognized that the drone was military grade and had rarely been deployed in the country.

Xiaoer suddenly turned to glare at Qi Yitan.

His eyes were filled with a killing intent.

Just a single stare was more than enough for Qi Yitan to know that the man in the passenger seat was strong.

He could also tell that the new guards werent from Mu Feichis special forces.


Yun, this man is…” If Qi Yitan hadnt witnessed Yun Xi getting into this car just now, he wouldve thought that she was being kidnapped.

“Hes my guard.

Thank you for the invitation, Mr.

Qi, but I have some urgent matters to attend to.”

It didnt matter if the people following them were after her or Qi Yitan.

She knew that she couldnt waste any more time.

The moment the light turned green, Xiaosi stepped on the gas, and Yun Xi rolled her window up.

As they moved along with the traffic, the stealthy drone hid above the lights in the night sky.

Xiaoer carefully controlled the drone with his laptop.

It only took him a few seconds to lock onto the three cars that were chasing after them, and he started to scan the cars with the infrared scanner.

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