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This ability to lie through ones teeth really was something.

Yun Xi couldnt help but admire Liang Danyis brazenness.

If she had really managed to drag Yun Xi down with her, Zhao Yumo would not have been able to hold it in.

Yun Xi had not done anything and was being accused.

“You were clearly the one who wanted to push Yun Xi.

You were the one who lost your balance and rushed over.

Do you think everyone is blind, and they didnt see what you were trying to do”

“Which eye of yours saw me pushing her” Liang Danyi raised her chin and refused to admit it.

She would be a fool to admit it in front of Young Master Qi!

“I saw it with my two eyes.

You dare to do it, but dont dare to own up to it, and you dont mind embarrassing yourself either.”

“You…” Liang Danyi glared at Zhao Yumo, still wishing to retort.

When she saw Yun Xi walk up to her, she immediately became quiet.

When Liang Xinyi saw Yun Xi walk up, she knew that something bad was going to happen.

Originally, she had not wanted to blow things up and was about to step forward to stop her, when Yun Xi raised her hand and directly pushed Liang Danyi, who was standing in front of her, onto the table.

Her movements were quick, and Liang Danyi could not defend herself as she fell sideways onto the table.

“Did I push you like that just now”


“You…” That wretched girl had actually dared to lay her hands on her.

Liang Danyi stood up in anger.

Just as she stood up, Yun Xi suddenly reached out and pushed her onto the dining table again.

This time, she pushed Liang Danyi harder than before, causing Liang Danyis head to hurt from the impact.

“Or did I push you like this”

Liang Danyi supported herself on the table and stood up.

Now, she was terrified.

She took a few steps back, pointed at Yun Xis nose, and shouted in an aggrieved manner, “You d*mned girl…dont go too far!”

“How am I going too far Didnt you say I pushed you I didnt do anything, so I wont take the blame for nothing, right”

Since Liang Danyi was lying through her teeth, if Yun Xi had not made a move, she would be letting herself down.

“You…” Liang Danyi hadnt expected Yun Xi to really dare take action.

Her eyes immediately turned red as she pretended to be a victim.

This method had always been useful.

As long as she acted a bit wronged, everyone would stand by her side to suppress Yun Xi, this jinx.

Then she wouldnt even have to do anything, yet she could make Yun Xi be despised.

Unfortunately, Liang Danyi had totally forgotten that the present was different from the past.

Yun Xi was no longer the country bumpkin who she could bully at will.

Her status as the top socialite and her extremely strong backing were so impressive that no one dared to offend her any longer.

Qi Siyu stood at the side and watched coldly as Liang Danyi tried to drag Yun Xi down with her.

She actually felt slightly satisfied at the outcome.

On the other hand, Qi Yichen silently retreated to the side and watched Yun Xi extend her sharp claws.

His mood was uplifted after the brief episode.

He had been standing at the side earlier, so he knew what Liang Danyi was up to.

He had wanted to see how this girl would clean up the mess, but he had not expected her to attack so quickly.

She was arrogant and straightforward.

How cute she was.

“Thats enough.

Stop arguing.

Yun Xi, as her older cousin, how can you go so overboard No matter how badly Danyi treated you, you should still give in to her.

How can you push her like that”

Chen Lixue could see that the situation was getting worse for Liang Danyi.

In order to prevent the engagement banquet from being interrupted and to prevent Liang Danyi from giving Young Master Qi a bad impression, she could only hold back her anger and push all the blame onto Yun Xi.


Yun Xi was really amused by Chen Lixues shamelessness.

“Liang Danyi fell and tried to frame me for pushing her.

So according to what youre saying, not only is she not in the wrong for pushing the blame onto me, but I should also be accused of bullying her by you, her unreasonable mother No matter how badly Liang Danyi behaves, its not your fault for not teaching her well, but mine”

At this point, Yun Xi couldnt help but sneer, her eyes full of mockery and coldness.

“If we are talking about being shameless, compared to Liang Danyi, as her mother, you have outshone her.”

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