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The screams of pain were louder than from their fight back in the store.

Yun Xi looked coldly at the mother-and-daughter pair who were now lying on the floor.

She raised her head to nod at Su Ximan, who had just exited the store and pulled Zhao Yumo with her toward the elevator.

“Yun Xi, stop right there!” Liang Danyi was so infuriated that she even forgot to help her mother up.

She ran and stopped Yun Xi in her tracks while pointing at her nose.

However, Liang Danyi could not find her voice when she met Yun Xis intense stare.

“W…what are you staring at How dare you push my mom!”

“Liang Danyi, why dont you look at yourself first before you talk to me like that Do you really think Im still the same weakling who you guys always bullied back in the village”

Liang Danyi was stunned speechless.

Yun Xi was right.

She wasnt the same useless person who the sisters used to bully back in Muyang.

Her eyes and the vibe she gave off were enough to make Liang Danyi tremble in fear.

It was the same feeling that they got from Su Ximan, the aura that only those who were born with status and dignity possessed.

The pressure was so immense that she couldnt even bring herself to meet Yun Xis eyes.

However, the sisters still managed to see Yun Xi as the messenger of death.

With her sister and her mother now lying on the floor, Liang Danyi was at least smart enough to realize that she shouldnt challenge her cousin anymore.

After Su Ximan came out of the store, she approached the mother and daughter sitting on the floor and glanced at them before turning to smile at Yun Xi.


Yun, are you heading to Ling Jings workshop as well How about we all go together”

“Itll be my pleasure.” Yun Xi nodded and headed toward the elevator first.

After the Yun Xi and the other two ladies had left, it was as if the pressure was suddenly gone and Liang Danyi finally had the chance to breathe.

She looked at the transparent elevator that was heading up and at the three elegant ladies in it.

All she could feel was extreme jealousy.

It was then that Liang Danyi realized that her sister had been right all along: having a higher status meant everything.

Even the messenger of death they once used to bully had completely changed after she had become the first-class socialite.

She was even able to purchase dresses from Jing Ling, who only accepted VIP customers, without any appointments.

Other than that, Yun Xi had the Young Commander standing by her side and backing her up.

She pretty much could do anything she wanted in Jingdu with the status she now held.

Even Liang Xinyi still had to struggle after being in Jingdu for years.

Not only that, but she never even once won against Yun Xi either.

“Mom, are we going to let Yun Xi get away with that” Liang Danyi turned to her mom.

She could even hear the jealousy in her own voice.

“Does she think she can do anything she wants after becoming the first-class socialite How dare she look down on us…”

Liang Xinyi struggled to get up.

After her mother fell down on her, she felt as if her bones were going to break.

When she raised her head and saw how jealous her sister was, she couldnt help but scoff, “Thats right.

She has the right to do that.

Dont you see that she can even wear dresses designed by Jing Ling Can you do that You cant even get to the 39th floor!”

After yelling at her sister, she turned to look at the ladies heading up the elevator.

No matter how she tried to lie to herself, she had to admit that Yun Xi had already reached the same height as Su Ximan.

Liang Xinyi knew that she had to work even harder or else she would lose any chance she had to surpass her cousin.

She told herself that no matter what, she had to find a way to secure her future.

“Ignore her.

Lets go home.

How dare that Su Zongping cheat on me! Im going to knock his teeth out.”

Liang Xinyi looked at her mother with an amused expression, knowing that Chen Lixue wouldnt even dare to make a noise once they got back.

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