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Yun Xi looked coldly at Liang Xinyi.

She was only there to enjoy the show and had never planned to interfere in their family feud, nor was she there to laugh at them for making a mess of themselves.

If she had really wanted to get rid of Chen Lixue and her daughters, she couldve easily done so by another means.

She didnt have to come and embarrass them so that she would feel better.

However, it did not mean that she wasnt glad that Liang Xinyi had tried to challenge her.

Yun Xis cousin was so used to treating other people with that attitude that she always believed that everyone else had some ill intention toward her or was plotting something against her.

However, Liang Xinyi was wrong this time.

Instead of humiliating her cousin in public, Yun Xi wanted to watch them fall from their thrones and into h*ll.

She wanted to witness them lose everything.

“You really think you are some hotshot, huh” Zhao Yumo suddenly barked back.

“Who the heck do you think you are”

“What Dont tell me you guys werent here to laugh at me,” Liang Xinyi argued back.

Although Liang Xinyi could not raise her voice in front of Su Ximan, she could with Yun Xi.

She had been used to treating her cousin like that because she had been humiliating Yun Xi ever since they were young.

Even if Yun Xi was now the first-class socialite, Liang Xinyi still saw her cousin as a worthless person.

“Well, if youre accusing me of that, then wouldnt it be rude if I didnt admit it So what if we are here to laugh at you What can you do about it”

“You!” Liang Xinyi couldve found some comfort if Yun Xi had not admitted it, but now she was basically slapping herself in her face.

Even if Yun Xi was there to laugh at her, there was nothing she could do about it as Yun Xi was backed by the Young Commander while there was no one there for her.

“Liang Xinyi, its time to grow up a little.

Youre getting married soon.

Are you going to keep that arrogant attitude of yours and bark at anyone who gets in your way Yumo here can be as arrogant as she wants because she is the young lady of a prestigious family, but you, what do you have”

“I…” Liang Xinyi didnt even know how to counter that.

All she could do was let her anger take over her rationale and try to slap Yun Xi.

However, Yun Xi quickly reacted.

She pulled Zhao Yumo back while raising her ankle a little to trip Liang Xinyi.

After that, she pulled her leg back elegantly while staring down at Liang Xinyi who had landed facedown on the floor.

“Im just telling the truth.

What are you getting all worked up for”

“You little brat! Come here!”

Yun Xis words were like nails on a blackboard.

Part of it was laughing at Liang Xinyi for what had happened at the hotel.

Liang Xinyi knew why Han Zhongteng insisted on marrying her.

Even if she didnt want to, there was no way for her to run away from him.

Other than that, being tossed around by three men that night at the hotel had become a humiliation that she would never forget.

The thought of that made her lose her mind even more.

Every single word from Yun Xi was like a knife aimed at her heart.

She was so frustrated that it felt like her heart would stop.

Yun Xi smirked and looked into her cousins eyes.

“So What are you going to do now Any other tricks up your sleeve”

Compared to the cruel and ruthless Liang Xinyi in Yun Xis past life, her cousin was just weak now.

“Xinyi, are you all right” Chen Lixue asked her daughter before suddenly turning on Yun Xi.

“You brat! Is this how you treat us after we put a roof over your head and gave you food Are you even human You…” ARGH!

The moment Chen Lixue got close, Yun Xi grabbed her aunts wrist and twisted it to the point where she almost broke Chen Lixues arm.

“You b*stard! Let go of me!” Chen Lixue yelled out in pain.

Yun Xi scoffed and suddenly pushed her aunt back.

Chen Lixue stumbled a little before catching her feet on Liang Xinyis leg and falling on top of her daughter.

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