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Compared to Su Zongping, Su Ximan showed that she was experienced in handling a problem like this.

She didnt even give her uncle the chance to buy time for himself.

“Is that so How are you going to make it up to me”

“I…” Su Zongping turned to look at Chen Lixue and her daughters.

There was no way he could punish them in front of everyone else unless he wanted to make a joke out of himself.

Liang Xinyi glared at Su Ximan, who was acting as if she owned them.

She wanted to argue, but Chen Lixue pulled her back just in time.

No matter how clumsy Chen Lixue was, she still knew that the only way for her to make it out of this situation alive was to keep her mouth shut.

If she could stall and buy time and wait until Su Zongpings anger had died down, he might just let her keep her title as Mrs.


If Liang Xinyi were to argue with Su Ximan now, Su Zongping could just use that as an excuse to chase Chen Lixue and her daughters out of the Su family.

“Mom! Why are you stopping me” Liang Xinyi turned to ask in a low voice.

“Shut the h*ll up!” Chen Lixue scolded her, and she pinched her daughters arm.

Liang Xinyi flinched from the pain, but it was enough for her to understand that she shouldnt let her anger get the better of her or else things might turn even worse and reach the point of no return.

No matter how jealous and angry she was at Su Ximan, all Liang Xinyi could do at the moment was hide behind her mother.

Su Ximan turned to look at Chen Lixue and scoffed.

She decided to be generous for once so that her uncle wouldnt embarrass himself in public.

“Well, Uncle, since you still havent thought about how you are going to make it up to me, then why dont you go back and think about it.

You can let Donglin know of your decision.

As for the mess today, you know what to do, right”

“Yes! Ill make sure that nothing of what happened today will come out in the news tomorrow.”

“Good.” Su Ximan nodded.

“Well then, I still have to go try on a few dresses.”

After being embarrassed in public and scolded by Su Ximan, Su Zongping was eager to leave right away.

He threw a glance at Chen Lixue and her daughters before leaving the store.

Chen Lixue pulled her jacket on and exited the store as well.

However, the moment she got outside, the first thing she saw was Yun Xi and Zhao Yumo standing not far away.

She didnt even know how to describe her emotion at the moment.

All she could do was raise her hand to cover the scratches on her face while straightening her back as if she was some rich woman.

Yun Xi looked at her aunts performance without any emotion on her face.

Chen Lixue had never been a rich woman.

Even after she became one of the Su family, all she had learned from them was how to put on an act.

Liang Xinyis expression darkened the moment she saw Yun Xi.

The only thing Liang Xinyi had had that Yun Xi did not in the past was assets, but not anymore.

When Liang Xiuqin was thrown into jail, her mother took her and her sister to the Su family.

Even though she wasnt an actual young lady of the new family, she was still part of the big four wealthiest families.

She could move about the higher social circles easily.

She shouldve lived a better life than Yun Xi, and yet, all her dreams had been broken at the socialite ball.

Her mental state had reached a critical stage when Yun Xi saw her at the worst moment of her life.

She silently cursed at God for giving Yun Xi everything, while she didnt have anything.

“What Are you happy now that Im in such a state Huh” Liang Xinyi gritted her teeth as she challenged Yun Xi.

Even at such a time, she didnt want to lose to her cousin.

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