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They had to admit that Su Ximan had a certain air about her.

She wore a beige-colored coat paired with black pants, high heels, and a chic bag.

The sense of superiority and pride that she was born with made her shine brightly.

Su Ximan was talking on the phone when she noticed Yun Xi and Zhao Yumo.

She paused and finished the call before approaching them.

“Why are you guys here” Su Ximan looked at Yun Xi, directing her question toward the new first-class socialite.

Yun Xi pointed at the store in front of them and laughed bitterly.

“We were here to try on some dresses.

Guess who we just saw My aunt.”

Su Ximan turned and noticed Chen Lixue and her daughters charging into the store.

She couldnt help but laugh.

“What a coincidence.

I got a call saying that something interesting was going down here and I should come.”

“Oh Someone invited you here” Yun Xi raised her eyebrows.

She was starting to find the situation even more interesting.

“Did that person also tell you that your uncle is here with another woman working with Qiao Ximin”

Since Su Ximan had come, the situation had become a Su family matter and Yun Xi had decided to not get in on it.

However, Yun Xi gave Su Ximan a little hint, and the latter immediately understood that things werent as simple as they had seemed.

Su Ximans brother had just informed her of the feud between Qiao Ximin and Liang Xinyi that morning.

At first, she wasnt planning on paying any attention to their fight as long as it would not embarrass the Su family.

However, not only had Qiao Ximin hired someone to approach Su Zongping, but Chen Lixue was dumb enough to actually try and confront her husband.

If things werent handled in the correct manner, the Su family would be the one suffering in the end.

“Is that so Thank you for telling me that.” Su Ximan nodded and headed straight toward the store.

Zhao Yumos eyes never left Su Ximan.

She gently tapped Yun Xis arm and exclaimed, “Su Ximan is so cool! I cant see Liang Xinyi winning against her.”

Yun Xi smiled, acknowledging that Su Ximan was not someone easy to deal with either.

It wouldve been best if Liang Xinyi had remained in her low-profile life instead.

Before Su Ximan even entered the store, she could hear Chen Lixue arguing with the woman inside.

Liang Danyi was next to her mother as they threw punches at the woman.

Su Zongping tried to stop them, but Liang Xinyi stood in front of him to block his way.


Su, isnt it bad for you to cheat on my mother The Su family is one of the big four wealthiest families.

What do you think will happen if people catch you cheating Wouldnt you embarrass the whole family”

Su Zongping had always been into married women, especially proud ones.

He was completely defenseless in the face of women like that.

It had taken him a lot of effort to get Madame Yang, who had been widowed recently, out on a date.

Hed never thought that the date would be ruined by Chen Lixue and her daughters before he could even do anything with Madame Yang.

That alone was more than enough to anger him, and yet, Liang Xinyi actually had the nerve to try and educate him.

Su Zongping pushed Liang Xinyi away and grabbed Chen Lixue by her hair, pulling her away.

The man had used all his strength, causing his wife to yell out in pain.

When Chen Lixue turned around and saw that it had been Su Zongping who had pulled her hair, she finally dropped the mask that she had been wearing for half a year.

“Su Zongping! How can you do this to me”

Back in the past, when she was still in Muyang, Liang Weimin wouldve given in if she acted that way.

However, she had forgotten that the man in front of her was not the weak Liang Weimin but the ruthless Su Zongping.

In all his life, women had been nothing more than his playthings.

Such a man would never let a woman act all high and mighty in front of him.

Chen Lixue was nothing more than a woman who suited his tastes.

She didnt come from any big family nor was she a successful person.

The moment he saw her true shrew personality, all that was left on his face was pure disgust.

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