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In order to attend Liang Xinyis engagement party, Yun Xi and Zhao Yumo decided to head to Ling Jings workshop to try on some dresses.

Yun Xi stopped by her uncles place on the way to the mall to meet Zhao Yumo.

As Liang Xinyis father, Liang Weimin was completely devastated that he had not even received an invitation to his daughters engagement party.

However, he was able to understand why his daughter had done that.

In Liang Xinyis eyes, he was just a nobody compared to her step-father from the Su family.

He believed that he would only embarrass her if he were to go to a party that only the top 1 percent of elites had been invited to.

Yun Xi was pained by the sight of Liang Weimins sad expression.

“Uncle, are you sure you dont want to go to Xinyis engagement party”

There were people in the world who yearned for the love of their parents, and there were those who had had it but did not cherish it.

Liang Xinyi was a perfect example of the latter.

In Yun Xis past life, Liang Xinyi had been cruel and smart.

However, in this life, her cousin had actually managed to ruin so many of her good chances.

Even after learning that she wasnt from the Yun family, that Liang Weimin wasnt actually her uncle, Yun Xi still thought of him as her relative.

Her uncle was the type of person who cared for others and had always worked hard.

Time was the only thing stopping him from success.

Liang Weimin was already a deputy director, and it wouldnt be long before he would get his promotion.

Liang Xinyi had abandoned her father, who had the potential to be very successful, and sided with the Su family because of her dream of being rich, only to realize that the Su family would never give her what she wanted.

Liang Weimin let out a sigh that was filled with pain and loneliness.

“She doesnt even see me as her father anymore.

She didnt even send me an invitation.

If I go, I would just embarrass her.

In the end, shes still my daughter, and I shouldnt cause her any trouble on her happiest day.

Yun Xi, can you help me by giving her my engagement gift”

Liang Weimin got up from the couch to fetch a paper bag from the entrance.

Yun Xi looked at the logo on the bag and the box that was in it.

The gift was a scarf from an expensive brand.

One of those would cost a month of Liang Weimins salary.

However, things like this would not catch Liang Xinyis attention anymore because of her inflated ego and desires.

Yun Xi quietly sighed and left with the gift.

For a person to lose his family after his 40s, the loneliness was visible on Liang Weimins face.

Yun Xi had decided to find him a new partner so that he wouldnt have to live the rest of his life alone.

When Yun Xi reached the mall, she noticed Zhao Yumo hiding behind a huge pillar before she even got out of her car.

Her friend was peeking her head out, looking at the two people on the stairs.

Yun Xi got out of her car and ran toward Zhao Yumo.

“What are you doing” Yun Xi whispered.

“Yun Xi! Youre finally here.

Look! Its your aunt and cousin.

Looks like were going to have an early show.”

“What are you talking about” Yun Xi followed where Zhao Yumo was pointing and saw Chen Lixue and her daughter.

“When I was in the parking lot just now, I saw Liang Xinyis stepfather heading in with another woman on his arm.

Hes cheating on your aunt.

Ive seen the woman at the spa before.

She was getting a massage with Qiao Ximin.”

Yun Xi immediately understood that the photos and videos werent Qiao Ximins only plan to ruin Liang Xinyis life.

“Hold up! Why did you go to the spa”

“My aunt opened a new one.

They got a new foot massage thingy, so I went to borrow one for my grandpa.

I just happened to see them there.

Who knew that Qiao Ximin even wanted to get rid of your aunt Looks like the one-night stand has deeply affected her, huh”

“Qiao Ximin has been trying to charm Mu Feichi for years.

If you were her and you got date-raped by Han Yaotian because of Liang Xinyi, wouldnt you be angry”

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