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For something that Yun Xi hadnt even dared to dream about to suddenly become a reality, she didnt know how to react to it.

It was as wild as a dream could ever be.

“Dont think too much about it.

Just follow your heart.

Those who love you and care about you will never force you to make a choice, nor would they make you do things that you dont want to.

Thats why Mr.

Xiao hurried back to country M.

Hes giving you time to think about everything.

In the end, other than Ms.

Rong, you are the closest person to him.”

“I know…” Yun Xis body language finally relaxed a little, and she looked into Mu Feichis eyes.

“Mu Three-Years-Old, you tricked me just now, didnt you”

For Yun Xi to recover so quickly, Mu Feichi was caught by surprise and frowned.

He put on an innocent expression and blurted, “What Did I I dont think so.”

Although it was true that he did trick her a little when he was trying to comfort her about Xiao Jinglin.

The reason was that he knew how kind and gentle she was, so he wanted to use that to help her accept that the head of the Xiao family was her father.

Unfortunately for the Young Commander, she was just too smart for him and she saw through his trick instantly.

“Babe, you have to believe that no matter what I do, its always for your good.”

“You know, youre just selling yourself out if you make excuses like that.”

“Yes, youre right, babe! Youre always right.” Mu Feichi had no choice but to try and lead her the other way.

Yun Xi laughed and picked up the chopsticks.

As she slowly ate her breakfast, she asked, “If the bracelet was with me, doesnt that mean we could find Ms.

Rong with it And what about the lady who brought me to the village”

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“It shouldnt be hard to find the person who took you there, but the problem is finding Ms.


Its definitely not going to be an easy task.

Lets look for the lady first.

My men are already looking into it, and we should be able to find her soon.”

Yun Xi nodded.

Knowing how good his intelligence unit was, there was nothing she could do to help other than wait for the results.

“Now that we know my real father is Mr.

Xiao, how is he going to accept that Im still a part of the Yun family I…I dont want to put him in an awkward position…”

No matter if she accepted the fact that Xiao Jinglin was her father or not, the Yun family was still special to her.

The problem was Yun Yuanfeng.

She didnt want him to trouble or humiliate Xiao Jinglin in the way he had of sucking up to powerful men in order to get favors.

A dignified person like Xiao Jinglin would be willing to do anything for his family.

No matter what Yun Yuanfeng asked for, he would definitely agree to it, and Yun Xi didnt want to put him in such a position.


Xiao has been ruling over the Xiao family for almost 20 years.

Since the Xiao family is one of the biggest and most important families in the world, you can imagine how complicated their collateral branches are.

And, yet, in only three years after he took over as the head of the family, he got rid of everyone who was plotting a revolt.

Even I am in awe of the bloody battle that took place back then.

Hes so smart that I still have much to learn from him.

Do you think a person like him cant handle a mere Yun Yuanfeng”

Yun Xi could hear the respect the Young Commander had for Xiao Jinglin and her eyes widened.

“I…is he really that powerful”

Most of her understanding of Xiao Jinglin was through what shed read in finance magazines and news reports in her past life.

She knew him as a decisive businessman who had an enormous wealth that could rival a countrys.

As Xiao Jinglin had resided in Mu Mansion for the past few days, shed only had casual conversations with him, and they had rarely talked about his past.

She could not even imagine what the gentle, kind man would look like when he led his family.


Xiao has left Xiaoer and Xiaosi here as your protection detail.

They are both orphans who were adopted by the Xiao family and were brought up by Mr.

Xiao himself.

If you want to know more about your birth father, its better if you ask them.”

“I see… Ill talk to them later.”

She had met Xiaoer, Xiaosi, and Xiaoliu before and could tell that they were as capable as Mu Feichis special forces.

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