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Chapter 156: Evidence of Framing

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“You have no idea of the grievances between me and Liang Xinyi, yet youre willing to help her to do something that is seriously wrong.

Are you naive or just plain brainless”

“What do you mean by saying Im brainless”

Having been insulted by Yun Xi so directly, Yang Lus entire face got dark with rage.

Compared to Yang Lus enraged countenance, Yun Xis calm and composed attitude made her appear much more impressive.

Yun Xi raised her head and looked at Teacher Xu.

“Teacher Xu, Liang Xinyi gave Yang Lu the bracelet, and Yang Lu put the bracelet inside the storeroom to frame me.”

Just as Teacher Xu was about to answer, Yang Lus mother, who had come to the parent meeting, suddenly stood up.

“How dare you slander my daughter! You stole the exam paper yourself and refuse to admit it.

And now youre shamelessly making my daughter a scapegoat.

Youve gone way too far.”

Seeing her daughter getting slandered, Yang Lus mother had at first reprimanded Yun Xi, and then she started lambasting Liang Xiuqin.

“As a mother, how do you discipline your children to have such an ill-behaved daughter Shes only in her junior year of high school, but is already stealing exam papers.

Who knows what shell be doing when she grows up.

And shes slandering my daughter as well, how shameless.”

Teacher Xu couldnt stand this anymore and said, “Please lets control this conversation.”

“What are you talking about Anyone with eyes can see whats going on.

What do you all think”

All the other parents thought Yang Lus mothers words were a little harsh.

Before the facts were clear, these parents were unwilling to add salt to the wounds of someone who was down on their luck.

However, with the approval of several other parents, Yang Lus mother continued making angry comments, and her eyes were full of contempt and loathing for Yun Xi.

Disregarding what the other parents thought, Teacher Xu asked, “Yun Xi, you said Yang Lu threw the bracelet into the storage room.

Do you have any evidence”

“I wouldnt be accusing a brainless person like Yang Lu without evidence.”

With that said, Yun Xi turned her head and retrieved a sapphire blue piece of wool from the iron frame of the glass window.

“Yang Lu is wearing a sapphire blue sweater today, the newest product of a certain name brand.

She is the only one in the school to have worn it.

This kind of clothing looks beautiful, but it has a big disadvantage.

That is…it is especially easy to get caught on windows, walls, nails, etc.”

Yang Lu paled when she saw the piece of woolen thread that Yun Xi was holding.

“Why do you say that that wool came from my sweater With so many students in the school, who knows whose clothes got caught on the window ledge”

“Yang Lu, do you need me to show everyone where your sweater got hooked”

Yun Xi quickly stretched out her right arm and turned Yang Lus arm over with a flip of her wrist.

There was indeed a long string of threads on the back of her sleeve, which was behind her arm so she hadnt even noticed it.

“The evidence is on your arm.

Yang Lu, what do you want to say for yourself”

Yang Lu glanced at it, then in a panic she raised her head anxiously with her eyes flickering.

All the parents who were standing around looked at the run in the sweater and then at the wool in Teacher Xus hand.

They seemed to understand something immediately, and suddenly they all started buzzing.

“How shocking, she threw the bracelet inside the storage room to frame her!”

“Obviously, this has all been a false accusation saying that Yun Xi stole the exam paper.”

“Framing and slandering her classmate…who knows what shell grow up to be since shes already so calculating at such a young age!”


The parents all started buzzing and talking about the situation, and Yang Lus mother, who had been overbearing before, suddenly became anxious.

“What nonsense are you all blabbering about How could my daughter do such a thing”

Yang Lu also shouted in an aggrieved manner, “It wasnt me! I must have accidentally caught my sleeve on the window when I walked over here.”

Someone in the group of parents couldnt take this any longer and sneered, “When you walked over just now, you werent anywhere near the window!”

“Moreover, if you hadnt raised your hand to open the window and close the window, the wool wouldnt have been hooked like it was.”

“Everyone has eyes and can see whats going on.

You might be blind, but that doesnt mean that other people are also blind.”


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