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Without having breakfast, Xiao Jinglin took the bag of hair and left.

Mu Feichi did not try to make him stay.

Forget Xiao Jinglin.

He was also dying to know the answer right away.

After all, everything related to the girl was no small matter to him.

After breakfast, Mu Feichi went by the intelligence unit.

The other team members who had returned to the country had also come by for repairs.

He was eager to know the results of what he had requested the intelligence unit to find out before he had left for battle.

This time, the outbreak of the civil war in country F and the large-scale virus infection caused by human beings had nothing to do with Crocodile.

The gang leader who had been hiding behind the scenes and controlling the borders of Jun Country and drug production and trafficking in Southeast Asia had a sphere of influence far beyond their imagination.

On top of that, the level of strategizing and scheming involved was definitely not something that Han Hongbin could have done alone.

So, if Han Hongbin was not Crocodile, then it had to be someone else, which meant that Han Hongbin was just a pawn being used by this gang.

After attracting the attention of the three noble clans, he had been willing to be used as a tool for all these years.

Either they were holding something against him or the benefit that he received must be extremely enormous for him to willingly make his own family someone elses scapegoat.

Who could this someone be who was hiding in Jun Country

It seemed that Mu Feichi had been too lenient toward the upper-class circle of Jun Country over the years, and turning a blind eye to them had really made some people turn to their dark side.

“Young Commander!” The special ops members in the intelligence unit were working diligently, but stood up immediately when they saw Mu Feichi come in.

Xiang Yuanxun stepped forward and gave him a military salute, then handed over a stack of documents in his hand.

“This is the information that has recently been collected by our intelligence team.

The person who stole the virus was indeed a member of the Crocodile Organization.

One of our men has gone deep undercover and infiltrated the organization using the same clues that led us to Han Hongbin the last time, and the information that we have discovered was shocking.

Crocodile is indeed not a person, but a huge international drug-trafficking organization.

Although their leader is also called Crocodile, no one has ever seen this person.

It is also unclear whether this person even exists.

According to the information we have received, the man in the photo, code-named Monkey, gives orders to the members of this organization, and Han Hongbin is just a pawn who they placed in Jun Country.”

Mu Feichi glanced at the blurry photos that were taken secretly.

The person running the show was wearing sunglasses, and since the shot had been taken quite a distance away, it was so blurry that it was almost impossible to identify the persons features.

All he could get from the picture was just a rough idea.

After a few glances, Mu Feichi put away the information.

“This organization has now infiltrated our country.

We must find out who else is involved.”

After a momentary pause, Xiang Yuanxun continued, “During your absence from Jun Country, Jingdu had quite a lot happening.

Here, have a look.

This is the latest scandal.

It seems that theres about to be glad tidings between the Han family and the Qiao family.”

“The marriage between the Hans and the Qiaos is exactly what the girl had hoped to see.

If necessary, give them a hand to get things going!”

“Understood! Ive already sent someone to get on it.

Also, the Second Young Master Han and Yun Xis cousin will be getting engaged this Friday.

That should be something to look forward to.”

Mu Feichi raised his eyebrows.

Xiang Yuanxun smirked and recounted to him what had happened that night at the hotel.

“Though he was clearly cuckolded, Han Zhongteng still agreed to get engaged to Liang Xinyi.

It seems that whatevers going on between Han Yaotian and Qiao Ximin has made Han Zhongteng feel threatened.”

“If he doesnt hold onto the Su family and get engaged soon, he might lose his one chance to redeem himself.

In that case, it would be practically impossible for him to take down Han Yaotian and win his place as the Han family heir.”

“Everything is progressing according to what the girl had planned.

I wont interfere in this matter, so she can have her fun.

Ill just clean up the mess for her after shes done raising h*ll.”

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