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Trembling slightly, she stretched out her hands and hugged his neck tightly.

Peering at the dimly lit ceiling, she felt his lips and hands moving around on her, as well as the distinct and powerful heartbeat that was throbbing right next to her.

She did not dare to move an inch, and she felt herself beginning to lose consciousness with his lingering kisses.

His scorching breath hit her already burning face, like a wave of hypnotizing air.

As her heart began to race from the shower of kisses on her, she unconsciously let out a soft groan, and her slender waist wriggled slightly as if trying to ease herself from the restlessness of the moment.

When the wandering hand reached between her thighs, she suddenly let out a gasp and gritted her teeth to contain herself…

The camouflage uniform on her body was already in complete disarray.

As he steadily pulled his hand back, he leaned in and kissed her on her lips.

Looking right into her trembling eyes, he plunged himself deep into her.

Losing all control, Yun Xi let out a groan, her hands subconsciously wrapping themselves around his muscular back and her nails digging deep into his back.

Their burning skin was pressed together, and their drops of sweat merged into one, indistinguishable amid the fizzing electricity of love and warmth.

In the quiet night, the sound of heavy breathing echoed throughout the house, dull and clear, but warm and intoxicating.

It was impossible for a hot-blooded man to stop once his mind was set.

Before the crashing waves had even calmed down, Yun Xi went into the bathroom to shower with her body still trembling.

However, the man had no intention of stopping at all.

After two more hours, until her legs had gone weak, he slowly carried her cleaned body out of the bathroom.

Curled up on the bed, Mu Feichi took out the hairdryer to dry her hair while pulling the fleece blanket over the woman in his arms to keep her warm.

Still feeling hazy, Yun Xi made a mental note to never be in the same bathroom as this wolf ever again.

The warm air from the hair dryer gently blew her mind into a blurry muddle, and when she was just about to fall asleep, a thought came to her in her drowsy state of mind.

She leaned her head over on the pillow and lifted a hand to grab Mu Feichis hand in hers.

“What is it” Mu Feichi put down the hairdryer and lay down beside her.

He reached out and hugged the woman in his arms, then he lowered his head and rubbed softly against her cheek.

The hustle and bustle of the world was nothing compared to the beauty in his arms.

Only at this very moment, he could feel that he was truly alive and living.

She found a comfortable position and leaned closer, then muttered in a hushed voice, “Your injury…I dont have the energy to change your dressing…”

“Dont worry, Ill change it tomorrow, just go to sleep.” He reached out and switched off the light on the bedside table.

The physically and mentally satisfied man held his whole world in his arms and closed his eyes to rest.

It was snowing incessantly outside the window.

As the New Year was approaching, the wind was howling and snow fell thickly in Jingdu, while the house was filled with cozy warmth.

Although he hadnt had a good rest for two days, Mu Feichi woke up very early at the same time as every day as soon as his biological alarm went off.

The moment he opened his eyes, he looked down at the sleeping figure in his arms.

She had not rested well during the past two days, and it must have really taken a toll on her body.

He got out of bed gently, tucked the fleece blanket over her, then put on his robe and went to wash up.

After he was finished, he picked up a few strands of long hair from the countertop by the basin, stuffed them into a sealed bag, and quietly left the bedroom.

The snow that had been falling all night had finally stopped, and as soon as he came down the stairs, he saw Xiao Jinglin and Great White coming in from outside.

It was still early, but Xiao Jinglin was already impatient to come into the main house.

He could read the mans intentions clearly without having to guess what they were.

From the moment Xiao Jinglin had personally gone to offer support on the battlefield of country F to when he saw the totem on the bracelet, Mu Feichi had begun to have doubts about the mans relationship with Yun Xi.

If the girl really turned out to be his daughter, it would be a cause for celebration for both Yun Xi and Xiao Jinglin.

After all, that girl had had no luck with the Yun family.

Ever since she had been a child, she had never felt the slightest bit of love from either one of her parents.

All she ever got from them was the painful experience of being used and schemed against.

No matter how rich and powerful he was, he could never give her the parental love that she had always yearned for.

When they finally find Ms.

Rong and if her biological father really was Xiao Jinglin, maybe then this girl could finally live a happier life.

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