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Xiao Jinglin lost his calm the moment he saw the bracelet.

He moved around impatiently and finally dug his telephone like the one hed given Yun Xi out of his pocket.

He called Yun Xi who he had heard nothing of for hours.

Perhaps because the signal on Yun Xis side was weak, no one picked the call up.

Not about to give up just yet, Xiao Jinglin tried a few more times.

A few minutes later, the call went through.

“Yun Xi, the gold bracelet in your drawer… Is that yours”

“Gold bracelet” Yun Xi was surprised by the sudden question.

After a short pause, she recalled that she had gotten the bracelet back from Liang Xinyi through Han Yaotian.

“Are you talking about the one in the black case My cousin told me I had worn it when I was a kid…”

Yun Xis voice was cut short by a loud explosion.

Xiao Jinglins heart skipped a beat.

He was worried.

“Yun Xi…”


Xiao, things are getting complicated here.

Ill talk to you later…”

The call ended before Yun Xi could even finish her sentence.

Xiao Jinglin shouted into the phone only to realize that the call had been cut off.

Although short, what he had learned from Yun Xi had made him excited and worried at the same time.

He felt as if he was losing all his rationality and composure.

“Xiaosi! Get me a plane! Im going to Country F.”

“Boss” Xiaosi looked at his employer with his eyes wide open.

With the civil war happening in Country F it had become one of the most dangerous places at that moment.

For someone as important as Xiao Jinglin to head there, not only could he become a target for kidnapping and assassination, but if word of him traveling there got out, the people in power in Country M would go insane.

“Its snowing heavily outside right now.

Most of the flights have been canceled…”

“I dont care! Just get me on the earliest flight there.

I dont care how much money I have to spend.

Just get it done in an hour.”

Xiaosi turned to look at the snow that was still falling outside, wondering if a plane could even take off in such weather.

“Xiaoer, contact Da.

Tell him that I need three groups of mercenaries to meet me in Country F.

Tell them to use my private flight route.

I want them there before I land, you hear me”

The three bodyguards had already found it weird when Xiao Jinglin issued his first order, but the second one only made Xiaoer feel even more desperate.

The moment mercenaries from Country M arrived in Country F, they would be noticed by the intelligence services right away.

When that happened, not only Xiao Jinglin would be affected, but the whole Xiao family as well.

It could then be followed by a sudden shift in the stock market, and those who controlled Country M might decide to make some moves as well.

The Xiao family had been keeping a low profile for a very long time, to the point where Country M pretty much kept a blind eye on their activities.

However, if Xiao Jinglin were to make such a big move, the troubles that would come after that would be unimaginable.

“Boss, Country F is too far away from Country M.

Even if they use the route for fighter jets, they will still arrive later than us.

Even though its safer to use our own people, it could also cause an international war.

The safest option for us now is to hire mercenaries around Country F.

Im sure if we pay enough, there are those that we can hire.”

The bodyguards could tell that Xiao Jiinglin had lost his cool, and they knew it was up to them to make sure everything proceeded with as little risk as possible.

“Boss, if your goal is to save Ms.

Yun and the Young Commander, the mercenaries and us will be more than enough.

Its better if you stay here for your own safety.”

Xiao Jinglin could not wait any longer.

The idea that Yun Xi might be his and Rongers daughter had made him restless.

If he were to leave his potential daughter to fight for her life in a foreign country while not providing any assistance himself, he would regret that for the rest of his life.

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