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Jingdu was experiencing the biggest snowfall ever since winter had started.

Tianyu Mountain was completely covered in snow.

No one wouldve looked outside and thought to themselves that it was good weather.

Unlike humans, Great White loved it and had been playing outside in the snow ever since morning, chasing around the garden after a few chickens that the butler had recently bought.

When Xiao Jinglin woke up and opened the French window, the first thing he saw was the snow leopard having a blast outside in the snow.

He held a radio-telephone in his hand.

After receiving a call from Yun Xi informing him of her arrival in Country F, the phone had remained silent.

He had to learn everything else from the reports from his men.

Not hearing a word from Mu Feichi and Yun Xi after a whole night, he had no idea what the actual situation was like over in Country F.

He cleaned himself up and went down the stairs.

His guards, Xiaoer and Xiaosi, greeted him, “Boss! The breakfast is in the dining room!”

“Help me take it over to the main mansion,” Xiao Jinglin said.

“Ill have it over there.”

He then took an umbrella and left.

After walking a few steps, he suddenly stopped and turned to Xiaosi.

“Contact Xiaowu.

I want to know the latest update on Country F.”

Xiaoer and Xiaosi exchanged a glance before the latter nodded and contacted his colleague while the other one went into the kitchen and informed Xiaoliu to bring the breakfast over to the main mansion.


Xiao! Good morning,” the butler greeted him as he opened the door.

“Do you need me to prepare your breakfast”

“Thank you, but my guards will bring mine over later,” Xiao Jinglin replied as he changed into a pair of indoor slippers by the entrance.

“I need to use Mr.

Mus study to print some documents.

Please take me there.”

“Of course, Mr.


This way please.” The butler guided Xiao Jinglin up the stairs and stopped.

“The study is at the end of this hallway.

Please make yourself at home.

You can call me if you need anything.”

Xiao Jinglin nodded.

As he walked past Mu Feichis room, he noticed the door was open, and when he took a peek inside, he noticed that it looked as if someone had just robbed the room.

A pink drawer had been knocked over and the contents were scattered all over the floor.

The same thing had happened to the bedside drawer as well.

Mu Feichi had been gone for two days and Yun Xi for one, and Xiao Jinglin was surprised to see that the butler had left the room in such a state.

He walked into the room and picked the pink drawer up, putting it back where it should be.

He looked around and saw that most of the things that were on the floor were stuff that a lady would use and a couple of first-aid items.

Instead of a normal ladys drawer, it seemed more like a drawer for medical stuff to Xiao Jinglin.

He then proceeded to put the stuff back according to the labels on the drawer.

When he picked a tiny box up, he curiously opened it, and his eyes widened immediately.

“This is…” He looked at the small gold bracelet sitting inside the box, and his expression went from seeing something familiar to utter shock in just two seconds.

Xiao Jinglin took the bracelet out and checked the engravings on it with the help of the light inside the room.

His hand started to shake when he confirmed his suspicions, and he fell to the floor.

“This is…Rongs bracelet…” It was as if he had suddenly thought of something, and he jumped back up.

The man ran out of the room and shouted for the butler.

The butler rushed out of the kitchen and up the stairs, followed by Xiao Jinglins three guards.


Xiao, are you all right” The butler was shocked to see the bracelet in Xiao Jinglins hand and noticed that the master bedrooms door was wide open.

“Is this Yun Xis bracelet Is it hers Please, tell me.”

“I…I cant say for sure.

Young Master never lets me go into his room, and he usually does his own cleaning.

Either the bracelet belongs to him or Ms.


I did notice that the bedroom was messy yesterday, but I cant go in without getting Young Masters approval…”

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