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Chapter 153: Crushing Strength

“Yun Xi, what the h*ll is going on You better explain yourself to me.”

Yun Yuanfeng felt extremely embarrassed in front of so many parents.

When hed heard that Yun Xi was in trouble, he got very nervous.

Yun Xi raised her head, and like a weak and pitiful child who was being bullied, she stared innocently at the angry Yun Yuanfeng.

“Dad, I dont know whats going on, but I didnt steal the exam paper.”

Liang Xinyi erupted, “You and I both came from the countryside.

The textbooks in the countryside are very different from those in Jingdu, and the questions are much more difficult here.

If you didnt cheat, how could you get first place”

Yun Xi felt momentarily at a loss for words as she glanced at Liang Xinyi.

Then she shrugged.

“You may be stupid, but that doesnt mean Im not smart.

How can you even begin to compare yourself with me”

She sounded shocked, as if she couldnt possibly take a thick opponent like Liang Xinyi seriously.

Indeed, first place in the class and second-to-last place were worlds apart.

There was nothing wrong with such a rebuttal.

The classmates stared as they watched Liang Xinyi futilely trying to provoke Yun Xi, and they couldnt help but burst out laughing.

Wasnt this an example of crushing strength

Even if she had indeed cheated by stealing the exam papers, the exam subjects for their junior year of high school werent easy, and one couldnt get first place without some academic capabilities.

After all, compared with Yun Xis score, even Li Sinuos scores were much less impressive.

Even if someone tried to cheat and memorize the answers one by one, there was no guarantee that they would have gotten first place on the test.

That not only required a superhuman memory, but also academic merit.

“How dare you! Yun Xi, dont be so ridiculous.

It was you who cheated by stealing the exam papers.

If you hadnt cheated, you might have gotten last place in the class on the exam.

So what are you gloating about”

Yun Xi glared at Liang Xinyi with fierceness in her eyes.

“Yun Xi, tell me straight out, did you or did you not steal the exam papers” Yun Yuanfeng didnt want to believe it, nor could he believe it.

“Dad, I didnt.” Yun Xi raised her eyes coldly.

Her eyes remained calm, and her tone was resolute.

Standing alone by the window, facing everyone with the whole crowd against her, she was resilient and calm.

She wasnt exasperated, nor did she appear guilty.

She seemed completely at ease.

Just like the lotus blooming on the lotus pond, a single branch stands out among the dark green lotus leaves, a lonely and proud existence that was so sacred that no one could defile it.

“If you didnt, then why has everyone joined in to say that”

At this moment, Yun Yuanfeng was only thinking about saving his own dignity and hadnt even considered how Yun Xi, his daughter, was feeling.

As a father, he didnt even have the most basic trust in his own daughter.

Yun Xi couldnt help feeling a little bit disheartened, and the warmth on her calm face gradually faded.

All that was left was contempt and indifference.

When Teacher Xu saw the father question his own daughter like that, he couldnt help but feel pity for the helpless Yun Xi.


Yun, this is the situation.

Some of her classmates said they saw Yun Xi steal the exam papers, but they have been saying this without any evidence.

We are on our way to the storage room to find the evidence, to make certain that they havent falsely accused Yun Xi.”

“Then go quickly! She cant be wrongfully accused of such things.”

Yun Yuanfengs desperation and impatience were basically like walking right into Liang Xinyi and Yang Lus trap.

The two looked at each other sneakily, the expressions on their faces full of pleasure and smugness.

When he arrived outside the storage room, Mr.

Xu approached the person in charge and asked him to unlock the coded door.

“Yang Lu, you keep saying that you saw Yun Xi entering the storage room, so you can enter and look for it.”

Teacher Xu turned his head and glanced at Yang Lu.

Now that the situation had developed into such a farce, he might as well play along with her.

Yang Lu almost jumped with joy when she heard Teacher Xu call her out to go search for it

Before entering, Teacher Xu glanced at Yun Xi anxiously.

Yun Xi smiled indifferently.

Her face was completely apathetic, and that made Teacher Xu a little worried.

After all, he knew there was incriminating evidence inside.

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