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Yun Xi got out of the car and looked at the figure standing in front of her.

She gripped the box of medicine in her hands tightly.

She could not describe how nervous she felt at that moment.

Su Hang forced himself to get out of the car also.

Before he could hear the two of them exchanging greetings, Mu Feichis sharp gaze was already on him.

“Who asked you to bring her here”

The tyrant roared at Su Hang in a fit of irrepressible anger.

The team members who were connected to their earpieces shuddered when they heard this roar.

The only person who could make the Young Commander so angry must be that girl.

After seeing Su Hang bring their future Young Madame to the battlefield, everyone broke out in a cold sweat on his behalf.

Su Hang shuddered and shouldered the risk of getting beaten up.

He gritted his teeth for a long time before saying, “I cant stop your woman!”

The tyrant was fuming with anger.

The situation was worse than he had expected, yet this girl had come here.

He couldnt suppress his anger.

“Are you ignoring my orders”

Su Hang didnt dare to make a sound and looked at Yun Xi for help.

Yun Xi didnt seem to have expected Mu Feichi to be so angry.

She raised her hand and tugged at her jacket, lightly coughing.

“All right, lets go in and talk.

Its not safe here.”

“You know that it isnt safe” Mu Feichi was furious.

He turned around to glare at Yun Xi, grabbing her wrist and pulling her toward him.

As soon as he moved, his movements caused the wound on his shoulder to hurt, and he couldnt help but suck in a cold breath.

“Youre injured” When she saw him do that, Yun Xi immediately pulled him over and turned him around.

Under the dim light, she looked at the steel piece that was still stuck in his shoulder.

She immediately lost her calm.

“You b*stard! Dont you know that you should treat your injuries first”

She released her grip and glanced at A1, who was standing behind her.

She tugged at the corner of Mu Feichis shirt and dragged him inside.

She did not forget to say to A1, “What are you waiting for Lead the way.”

In the abandoned residential area, Yun Xi looked at the refugees who were curled up in dark corners.

Mu Feichi had only brought one military doctor with him, so there wasnt enough manpower.

Su Hang looked at the steel piece wedged in Mu Feichis shoulder.

Under such circumstances, he did not dare to think too much about it.

He tensed up and picked up the medical supplies from the car and followed.

“Get lost!” Just as he was about to follow up to help, Mu Feichi kicked him.

The enraged tyrant was being completely unreasonable.

Everyone turned around, shrinking their presence, lest they become cannon fodder too.

“Wheres Fenghuang Niao Didnt I tell her to watch you What are you doing here”

If there was still one person who could make the usually calm and controlled Young Commander lose his temper, there was probably no one better than Yun Xi.

The angry man would grab anyone and vent his anger on them.

“And you! Who asked you to bring her here Dont you know that this is a war zone When you get back, Ill lock you up…”

After finding a corner where there was light, Yun Xi pushed him to sit down.

Su Hang had a tense expression on his face as he walked up with the first aid kit.

To no ones surprise, he was kicked again by Mu Feichi.

When Mu Feichi thought about the danger his woman might have to face, his calmness and restraint vanished.

No one would understand that at a time like this, he was not only bearing the responsibility of the safety of the refugees who were their countrys citizens, but also the safety of the woman most dear to him.

If he was forced to make a choice, should he shoulder his duty as a soldier or protect his love

There was no way he could make a decision at this time.

They were both equally important to him.

“Shut up!” A crisp slap echoed in the empty abandoned house.

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