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“A new virus…” Yun Xi looked up at the news shed just heard on the television.

She frowned as she racked her brains for information about the civil war and the new virus outbreak in Country F from her memories of her previous life.

Yun Xi knew that there had been six strains of virus that broke out in Country F around this time of year.

The Ebola virus was one of them, but this time line didnt match.

However, if it were the Ebola virus, experts from the World Health Organization would have already detected the symptoms.

It would be impossible for them to announce it as a new virus outbreak.

“Local reporters reported that expatriates and citizens from our country have been infected with the virus, plaguing the evacuation operation with multiple problems.

As a result, the embassy has already been turned into a temporary shelter.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a statement that…”

Fenghuang Niao stood in the corridor with her hands in the pockets of her down jacket.

She looked at the woman who was watching the news and sighed.

Before Fenghuang Niao had been able to stop her, Yun Xi had seen the news and found out what was going on.

During the past two days, Fenghuang Niao had tried her best not to let Yun Xi watch or read any news.

However, she hadnt expected Yun Xi to have seen the news while they were out.

As if she had heard Fenghuang Niao sighing, Yun Xi turned around suddenly to look at this person who was leaning against the wall.

Yun Xi hurriedly walked over to her, “Niao, has Mu Feichi run into any problems during this rescue mission”

Fenghuang Niao shrugged, and she had a confused expression on her face.

“I dont know anything.

Didnt he just reach the destination yesterday Even if there were really problems, Li Zilan and the rest would be the ones in trouble.

Also, there is still staff from the embassy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the country.

If there are any problems, they should be able to solve them themselves.”

“Im not worried about everything.

However, some expatriates from our country have been infected with the virus.

It wont be easy for Mu Feichi to evacuate so many people safely from the war zone to the harbor.

What if they get attacked on the way”

Yun Xi wasnt very clear about the situation in Country F.

But when a civil war was about to break out in a country, there would definitely be more than just one side fighting for power.

The rescue team had already gotten attacked once, and no one knew the number of casualties yet.

With a virus outbreak happening at the same time, anything could happen, including the troops morale being affected.

Mu Feichi must be facing a difficult situation now.

Yun Xi didnt dare to think any further.

She immediately took out her phone to call Su Hang.

It took a long time before Su Hang picked up the call, and he answered in a deliberately relaxed tone.

“Hey, little Yun Xi.

Whats up”

“Su Hang, there is an outbreak of a new virus in Country F.

Did Mu Feichis intelligence team already send a sample to you”

After a short pause, Su Hang coughed softly and said, “What A new virus I dont know what youre talking about…”

“Stop lying to me.

You dont usually talk to me like this, so something must be going on.

Tell me now! Have you gotten the sample of the new virus that has been spreading in Country F”

“My dear madame, I really dont know anything.

Ive recently been busy doing some other research, so I havent been watching the news.”

“If thats the case, I am coming to your laboratory now!” Su Hang had given himself away while trying to hide the truth.

Su Hang had denied it too quickly.

That could only mean that they were already studying the new virus sample in the lab for its antigens and antibodies.

He was Mu Feichis military doctor, yet he hadnt gone for the rescue mission in Country F with Mu Feichi.

Yun Xi didnt know how shed missed such a significant flaw in their story.

“No! Dont do that! Please dont come here.

The Young Commander has already warned me that he would not let me off if you were to set a foot into my laboratory.

I beg you, please just do me this favor.

I am still so young, and I am still planning to get married.”

“So you are already searching for a specific antibody of the new strain of virus”

“I…I did not say anything!”

“All right, wait for me.

I will come to see you later.” Without waiting for Su Hangs answer, Yun Xi hung up and turned to look at Fenghuang Niao, who was rubbing her forehead and trying to reduce her presence in the room.

“Niao, as for Mr.


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