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After breakfast, Yun Xi and Xiao Jinglin got into Fenghuang Niaos car and went to the Chen family home.

Two cars drove into the villa district that housed the big four wealthiest families.

One stopped outside the security room of the villa district, while the other drove directly to the Chen family mansion.

After receiving the notice from the security guard at the entrance, Mr.

Chen and Jiang Wanyun arrived at the entrance of the mansion to wait for their guests to arrive.

Chen Yichen stood at their side, slowly adjusting his coat.

He raised his eyes to look at the approaching car.

Last night at the auction, he had been so focused on keeping Jiang Henglin from causing trouble that he had not spoken much to Yun Xi.

Now that she was here, he watched as she got out of the car with a smile on her face.

The words that were about to come out of his mouth were suddenly stuck in his throat.

The Young Commander had gone to Country F on a rescue mission overseas.

He had just received the news this morning that the situation over there wasnt very optimistic.

Seeing how Yun Xi was so happy to visit him, she probably didnt know about this.

Since it would make her worry if he told her about it, he might as well not say anything.


Chen, Mrs.

Chen, good day!” Xiao Jinglin had always been a low-profile gentleman and rarely showed off his status to others.

Once he got out of the car, he reached out to shake hands with the Chen couple who were waiting outside.

“Welcome, Mr.

Xiao!” Chen Ziliang respectfully shook hands with Xiao Jinglin and greeted him.

He also introduced Jiang Wanyun and Chen Yichen.

“This is my wife and this is my son.”

Xiao Jinglin shook hands politely and nodded.

“I came here in a hurry.

I have something to discuss with Mrs.


Please dont take offense, Mr.



Xiao, you are our honored guest.

If you need any help, please feel free to speak.

Its cold outside, please come in.”

Chen Yichen walked up to Yun Xi and looked at the three people in front.

“Dad, Mom, Mr.

Xiao, you guys can chat in the house.

Ill go take a walk with Yun Xi.”

Chen Ziliang nodded, and Yun Xi smiled politely.

She turned around and followed Chen Yichen, walking on the cement road that had just been cleaned and heading toward the greenhouse on the other side.

“Eldest Heir, thank you for your help last night.”

Walking behind him, Yun Xi looked at the figure in front.

He was dressed in a black windbreaker.

Compared to when shed first met him, he had grown in the past two years and become more mature and steady.

His every movement now had the aura of a noble young master.

“What are you thanking me for” Chen Yichen walked ahead.

He paused and turned around to look at her.

His handsome face was sharp, but it did not lose its warmth.

The way he narrowed his eyes and smiled, it was like you could feel the warmth of the winter sun shining from him.

“Thank you for watching out for Jiang Henglin and not letting him embarrass me in that situation.”

After all, everyone knew her identity.

No matter what Jiang Henglin did, as long as he caused a ruckus at the auction, her reputation as the first-class socialite could have been completely lost overnight.

Chen Yichens thoughtfulness and consideration made her feel both surprised and touched at the same time.

Everyone had put themselves in her shoes and cared about her reputation.

She remembered this kindness in her heart.

“You dont have to thank me.” Chen Yichen smiled faintly.

Actually, even if he had not kept an eye on Jiang Henglin last night, he probably wouldnt have dared to do anything out of line.

At the socialite ball, this girl had stunned many people, and she had also amazed Jiang Henglin, who had always been at odds with her.

Unfortunately, it was too late for him to regret that now.

Sometimes, this was how things were between people.

If you missed the boat, you would miss it forever.

Chen Yichens hand landed on the cold door handle of the greenhouse, and he pushed the door open.

He paused and turned around.

“I heard that…the Young Commander went overseas on an evacuation mission”

Yun Xi nodded, looking at him with a bit of surprise.

“I only know that he went out on a mission, but I didnt know that he was going to help with an evacuation.”

If Chen Yichen was right, then they were really going to evacuate their citizens overseas.

After all, Li Zilan and the rest were evacuating Jun Countrys overseas citizens from Country F, and Mu Feichi had especially returned because of her coming-of-age ceremony.

If everything went as planned, he should have gone to Country F too.

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