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Jiang Wanyun had agreed to Yun Xis invitation without any hesitation.

However, she became surprised and self-conscious about the meeting when she found out that the person who wanted to meet her was Xiao Jinglin.

In the end, Yun Xi thought it through and suggested meeting at the Chen family home.

It would be safer and much more confidential to do that, and they could save the hassle of bringing out a large group of bodyguards.

They agreed on the timing to meet.

However, the Chen family pushed back the time for another hour, so that they would have enough time to prepare for such an important guest.

With that, Yun Xi and Xiao Jinglin could only relax and pass the time at Mu Mansion.

Fenghuang Niao had arrived at Mu Mansion early in the morning and saw two people standing around a stone table in the garden.

While one was pruning the plants, the other was arranging flowers in a vase, and the atmosphere felt really harmonious.

The housekeeper had planted several wintersweet shrubs of different colors in the garden, and they had bloomed during the snowy winter.

The flowers emitted a delightful fragrance, and the scent permeated the air.

“Hey, it seems like both of you are in a good mood this morning.

Pruning plants and arranging flowers, you sure looked relaxed and contented.”

Fenghuang Niao turned to look at Xiao Jinglin.

She smiled and said jokingly, “Uncle Jing, the way you are now is what I consider enjoying life.

Dont always be so serious and look as if there is nothing worth yearning for in your life.

You are still young, and there are still many things worth experiencing in life.

Look at my father.

He is already so old, yet he is still kicking up a storm every other day.

I heard he went out sea fishing on a yacht with Lord Yan.

There isnt a day that he is free.

I guess he would still be fighting on the battlefield with a gun if he didnt have my brother and me as his successors.”

Xiao Jinglin had always been a cold and stern man, so it was rare for him to get teased by someone younger.

When he heard what Fenghuang Niao said, he looked at her with his eyebrows raised while adjusting his flower arrangement.

There was a cheerful look on his face that he couldnt hide.

Perhaps it was because he hadnt been so relaxed for a long time or maybe because he felt comfortable being with Yun Xi.

Hed relaxed unknowingly, and he also felt this rare serenity in his heart.

“Senior Fenghuang had you and your brother to take over his position.

Now that he is retired, he can do whatever he wants.

I am single and alone, and I still need to shoulder the future of my entire family.

I am not sure I am allowed to lead such a carefree lifestyle.”

Over the past ten years, he had traveled around the world, only to look for someone.

How could he be carefree when he had concerns and worries

When the conversation turned into something so personal, Fenghuang Niao knew she had stepped into the taboo zone.

With a frown, she coughed awkwardly and immediately changed the topic.

“Since you came back for a holiday, then you should just relax.”

Fenghuang Niao stepped forward with her laptop and sat down on the stone bench that she had just cleaned.

She swept away the cut flower stalks and placed the computer on the table before turning to look at the two people in front of her.

“Come watch the great show from this morning.

It was really lively and bustling.

Girl, its a pity that you werent there.”

Fenghuang Niao played the surveillance footage on her laptop, showing only the best parts.

Yun Xi snipped and trimmed the flower branches in her hand.

She then turned to look at the screen with her eyebrows raised.

The video showed Han Zhongteng arriving at the hotel and picking up Liang Xinyis shoes from the corridor.

He then kicked the unlocked door open.

After a while, Han Zhongteng and those men in the room appeared again, fighting at the door.

Finally, the door of the opposite room opened, and Han Yaotian appeared.

He looked at the few people fighting and then looked at Liang Xinyi, who was in a daze.

His expression was cold and arrogant.

Liang Xinyi had just been violated by the three men.

So when she saw Han Yaotian standing outside the door of the opposite room, she was shocked.

Then, the friends Han Yaotian had asked to expose the scandal rushed out from the elevator like a swarm of bees.

Some reporters had even been waiting in the stairwell.

They ran out after the first group, and all pointed their cameras at Han Yaotian and Han Zhongteng.

The scene was extremely chaotic.

Liang Xinyi looked in great distress, and the three men were wailing after getting beaten up by Han Zhongteng.

Looking at the state they were in, people couldnt help connecting the dots about what had happened.

What was even more surprising was Qiao Ximin had appeared behind Han Yaotian, looking shocked.

Sensing a piece of sensational news, the reporters quickly turned their attention to the two of them, sending everyone in the narrow corridor into a frenzy.

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