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Yun Xi took a look at the auction item in Xiao Jinglins hands and nodded.

“No problem.

I will give her a call tomorrow and inform you once I set up a date with her.”

“All right…” Xiao Jingling seemed to tremble a little as he tightened his grip on the velvet box in his hands.

“Does this brooch have a special meaning to you” Yun Xi looked at Xiao Jinglin as he held onto the box delicately.

She could also feel a sense of excitement and nerves from him that he couldnt hide.

So it didnt feel like it was an ordinary brooch, no matter how she looked at it.

Hearing the question, Xiao Jinglin looked down at the velvet box and then turned to Yun Xi.

The street lights shone briefly into the car and flashed across their faces.

In a split second, when the light lit up the inside of the car, he stared at Yun Xis side profile and was a little surprised.

It was as if he had gone back in time to the military field hospital where hed been in the past and seen the most beautiful woman, the woman he had cared for all his life.

He couldnt help opening up to Yun Xi about the past that was always on his mind and in his dreams.

The partition between them and the driver rose slowly for some privacy.

On the road from the Jingdu Grand Hotel to Mu Mansion, Yun Xi quietly listened to Xiao Jinglin as he talked about his past and the story of the brooch.

After listening to the story, Yun Xi found out that the brooch had initially belonged to Xiao Jinglin.

He had personally designed and customized it as a gift for his beloved woman.

As for why the brooch was in Mrs.

Chens possession, that was the answer he wanted to find out.

The brooch was the only clue that could help him get information regarding the whereabouts of Ms.


Xiao Jinglin had had no news from this woman for more than ten years, so Yun Xi could imagine how anxious he was when the brooch reappeared.

Xiao Jinglin went back to his room when they arrived at Mu Mansion.

Great White jumped on Yun Xi the moment she stepped into the courtyard.

It had just stopped snowing in the mountains, and Great White was wet from playing in the snow.

The housekeeper stood on the porch to dry and clean Great Whites paws before letting him into the house.

“Miss Yun.

Ive cooked some black chicken soup.

Have a bowl before going to your room.”

“Ill pass, thank you.

Its already quite late, so we all should get some rest soon.” Yun Xi walked up the stairs after saying good night to the housekeeper.

She was wearing a pair of soft indoor slippers, so it was quiet when she moved along the carpeted floors.

As Mu Feichi wasnt around, it was so quiet around Mu Mansion that Yun Xi could even hear her own breathing.

Maybe because she hadnt treated it like her own house previously, she didnt realize it was so spacious.

Now that she was living in the mansion, it seemed even quieter when the person she loved wasnt with her.

When Yun Xi arrived at Mu Feichis room, she stood at the door for a while before entering.

She then grabbed her pajamas from the walk-in closet and went into the bathroom to wash up.

Tonights auction had been successful.

The money shed raised was several times higher than that of previous years.

Because Mu Feichi wasnt around, Qi Siyu had left immediately after the auction was over.

She obviously did not care about showing any respect to Yun Xi since she didnt even bother to attend the afterparty.

Yun Xi and Qi Siyu would inevitably become enemies in the future, so it wouldnt affect anything if they fell out with each other now.

When Yun Xi woke up from a good nights sleep, the housekeeper was already preparing her breakfast in the kitchen.

Great White came over and rubbed against her affectionately, and Yun Xi patted his head.

Then they strolled together into the living room.

“Morning!” Xiao Jinglins voice sounded from the entryway to the living room.

Yun Xi looked toward the entrance and saw Xiao Jinglin, who was already in a formal suit and woolen coat.

There werent any signs of aging on Xiao Jinglins face, probably because he took great care of himself.

His experiences through the years had also made him gentler and more elegant.

Even though he was no longer a young man, his modest and gentlemanly demeanor made him look much younger than his peers.

“Morning, Mr.

Xiao!” Yun Xi greeted him with a smile and invited him to the dining room for breakfast.

“Please wait for a moment.

I will call Mrs.

Chen now to arrange for a meeting.”

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