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As Liang Xinyi moved forward toward the pair, the waiter who had served Liang Xinyi the glass of champagne slowly backed away.

Looking in the direction of where Fenghuang Niao stood, he made a barely noticeable signal and left the banquet hall.

The waiter walked down the corridor outside the banquet hall, where, at the end of the pathway, there were two figures standing solemnly waiting.

One of the men turned and whispered, “Its been settled, boss.”

Huo Tingxiao glanced toward the figure on his right and met the eyes of the waiter who was at his side.

He nodded slightly in acknowledgement.

The other waiter bowed, adjusted his silver tray, and walked back into the banquet hall.

The one waiter was the one who had served Liang Xinyi and the other one was the one who had worked with Han Yaotian.

The two had coordinated their timing perfectly.

Unbeknownst to Liang Xinyi and Han Yaotian, the staff working at the Jingdu Grand Hotel were all men who worked under Huo Tingxiao.

All the plans that the two had made were all in the control of Huo Tingxiao.

Due to Mu Feichis absence, Huo Tingxiao and Jiang Chenghuan had collaborated and taken on the responsibility as Mu Feichis closest friends.

One of them was in charge of the security, and the other was in charge of handling the guests.

Such was the relationship between the three families, that it was their unspoken agreement and promise to look out for one another in time of the others absence and band together in times of need.

From her corner of the banquet hall, Fenghuang Niao had seen a different waiter emerge with a silver tray in his hands.

Her eyes darted to Liang Xinyi, who was making her way to Han Yaotian through the crowd.

Fenghuang Niao scoffed lightly and walked out of the hall with her glass still in her hand.

The thick carpet of the hotel muffled the sharp clack of her high heels.

Her footsteps stopped by a large glass window, the glow from the city lights outlined her silhouette.

“Young Master Huo,” she said.

It seemed a little exaggerated for the head of the Huo family to handle such matters physically.

Turning around, Huo Tingxiao reached out to Fenghuang Niao.

She was a little confused momentarily, but soon realized what the man was asking for.

She reached down and pulled out a small plastic packet from the slit of the belt she wore around her gown.

The small packet contained a single white pill.

Huo Tingxio took the pill in his hands and crushed it into powder.

Then he quickly dusted it off into the carpet.

When its dust had been patted off his hands, he retrieved a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped his hands down.

His actions told Fenghuang Niao his intentions.

And his intentions were the intentions of Mu Feichi.

Neither of them wanted Yun Xi to dirty her hands.

Yun Xi had requested this pill from Feng Yang because she wanted to poison Liang Xinyi to give her a taste of her own medicine.

However, Mu Feichi being as protective as he always was, objected to her plan.

He did not want his precious love to wrap herself up in another mess.

So he made use of the opportunity that Han Yaotian and Liang Xinyi had decided to use and changed each others glasses of champagne.

He was achieving three birds with one stone and Han Yaotian got away scot-free, while Liang Xinyi would bear the burden of Han Yaotians crime.

It would matter little for Liang Xinyi, since she already had a stained record.

Her reputation or the lack of it would not take much of a hit if Han Yaotian were to put the blame on her.

“Just as you expected… The glass Liang Xinyi tampered with was sent to Qiao Ximin with Han Yaotians help.

Once Qiao Ximin regained her consciousness, she would only blame Liang Xinyi.

Yun Xi will not be suspected.

Also, it seems like the glass Han Yaotian spiked ended up in Liang Xinyis hands as well.

The media came just in time too.

I guess we can look forward to a good show tonight.”

These antics were simply small games to pass time for individuals of their caliber.

They didnt have to bother making an appearance, and it could be settled.

But Huo Tingxiao insisted on participating in order to ensure everything went perfectly.

This was Fenghuang Niaos first time witnessing the three noble families banding together with such unity.

She wondered if this was the secret to their never-ending influence over Jingdu.

“You should head back, since Mu Feichis not here.

Its our priority to keep that girl safe.

Everything else is secondary.”

“Got it!” Fenghuang Niao nodded and added on with a half-smile, “Shes not that weak, you know A weakling would not be standing by the side of Director Mu.”

Huo Tingxio smiled, but said nothing.

Fenghuang Niao turned and headed back into the banquet hall.

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