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The sudden introduction of Fenghuang Niao had been a good distraction from a possibly tense scenario.

It had stopped Yun Chuhans attempts entirely and left her standing alone in confusion, not knowing if she should follow or walk away.

She turned and saw a few socialites whispering and laughing among themselves.

Suddenly feeling insecure that they might be gossiping about her, she hurried away more embarrassed than she had been before.

Yun Xi gave Fenghuang Niao a gratitude-filled nod.

Once Yun Chuhan had left the pair alone and they had exchanged a few words with Fenghuang Niao, she darted back into the crowd, maintaining a low profile.

The Jiang family heads had come to the event with Jiang Chenghuan, and their appearance had drawn the attention of many auction-goers.

Many of them respected Yun Xis ability to connect with many elite families and many more were green with envy.

For the Jiang family of the three noble families to have an interest in the daughter of a small administrator was unheard of.

In fact, many were suspicious of their support.

But the sight of the heads of the Jiang family coming down personally to support the event had convinced the public.

In the middle of his conversation, Yun Yuanfeng saw the Jiang family members having a chat with Yun Xi.

Being the opportunist that he was, Yun Yuanfeng immediately detached himself from the crowd and approached the couple with a wide smile.

Compared to the big four wealthiest families, the Jiang family was the old-money family of the noble families.

If it had not been for Yun Xi, the Yun family would never have had a chance in this lifetime to even have an opportunity to socialize with them.

Li Shuyuan gave her husbands hand a light pat as she saw Yun Yuanfeng making his way toward them.

The couple walked up to him and exchanged pleasantries.

“Truly a wonderful daughter you have raised, Administrator Yun.

Not only is she smart, but she has a good character.

Our family is very fond of her.”

Yun Yuanfeng stumbled for words as Li Shuyuan spoke.

He scrambled and reached out his glass of champagne for a toast.

“Its an honor for Mr.

and Mrs.

Jiang to speak so kindly of our Yun Xi.

She is a good kid with a good heart.”

He had heard through the grapevine that the heads of the Jiang family were planning to give Yun Xi the title of their goddaughter, but he was too afraid and his reputation was too fragile to confirm the fact in person.

He was afraid that he might ruin the plan, and it was better for the Jiang family to propose it.

If the Yun family could become close acquaintances with the Jiang family, this would bring a life-changing difference in the course of the Yun family.

With the Jiang family as another pillar of support alongside the Young Commander and the Mu family, Yun Yuanfeng got almost dizzy thinking about his future status and reputation.

He felt as though he could become on a par with a divine entity.


and Mrs.

Jiang had planned to meet with Yun Yuanfeng and discuss this matter.

This meeting was a good coincidence for them to address the matter as soon as possible, so the couple raised their request of being Yun Xis godparents with Yun Yuanfeng.

This was unbelievably good news for Yun Yuanfeng, but he maintained his surprised expression and continued, “This is such a blessing for Yun Xi.

She grew up without me, and I owe her that.

As long as it will make her happy, Im more than happy to oblige…”

Yun Xi and Jiang Chenghuan stood by the side of the adults and silently listened to the small talk between Yun Yuanfeng and the Jiang couple in which Yun Xi was the topic.

There was nothing but praise for her that was exchanged in the conversation, but these two both knew how Yun Yuanfeng had truly treated Yun Xi.

The three were in a discussion for a banquet to celebrate Yun Xis achievements, and most of the talking was done by Li Shuyuan and Yun Yuanfeng while Mr.

Jiang mostly listened and spoke up occasionally.

The couple were serious and sincere, and their touching sincerity was enough to bring tears to Yun Xis eyes.

The adults were talking, and the two didnt see any need to intervene.

Yun Xi subtly gave Jiang Chenghuans shoulders a pinch to snap him out of his daze.

Jiang Chenghuan reacted immediately, “You guys carry on, yeah” He turned to the three adults with a smile.

“Im going to take Yun Xi to meet some friends.”

Li Shuyuan smiled and gave the two a wave, “Sure,” she assured her son, “go on, but dont bully your sister.”

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