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Knowing who Xiao Jingling was, he could have paid double that amount for the brooch.

His anxiety stemmed from his worry that Madame Chen might put in a higher bid as the original owner of the brooch and return the brooch to her treasury.

There were two reasons for the brooch being sold.

Either Madame Chen had put it up out of the kindness of her heart in order to buy it back for double the price as a way of donating to the cause, a move that was not uncommon.

Or Xiao Jinglin really desired the brooch and was willing to do anything for it.

This would have explained why he had made a sudden arrival back in Jun Country.

Turning her head, Yun Xi questioned Gu Baifan.

“Did Director Xiao come back just for that brooch”

Gu Baifan seemed rather surprised by her question.

“Yes,” he nodded.

“Its a very important object for him, so he was willing to risk his safety to return for it.”

Yun Xi raised her eyebrows and nodded.

Then she brought her attention back to the auction stage without another word.

The entire auction took around two hours.

Mu Feichi had left, and Yun Xi had hardly any interest in the items that were up for sale.

She had toughed it out through the boring process and couldnt wait for the event to end.

Once the auction had come to an end, the guests moved into a banquet hall next to the auction, and socializing started.

Yun Yuanfeng had made plans for tonights auction, and even if Yun Xi was not by his side, he planned to milk everything that was possible as the father of the first-class socialite.

The man hopped through the crowds like a fish in the water as he happily engaged in one conversation after another.

However, this was Yun Chuhans first real social event, and she was at a complete loss.

She could only identify a few people, namely Liang Xinyi, Zhao Yumo, and Su Ximan in the crowds of socialites around them.

Hardly any of them knew she was Yun Xis sister, so they did not bother to talk to her.

All of the socialites gathered in their groups and talked among themselves.

Yun Chuhan felt as if she was being ostracized as she stood awkwardly in the corner.

In the middle of the crowd were Yun Xi and Gu Baifan.

These two were engaged in an endless round of introductions with many of the directors and wealthy elites of Jingdu.

The only person other than Mu Feichi who worked hard for Yun Xi was Gu Baifan.

Mu Feichi may have been absent, but Gu Baifan did not exactly lose out in terms of youth and handsomeness.

With someone like him beside Yun Xi, she still remained the focus of admiration and jealousy from the other socialites.

Even though Yun Chuhan had not the faintest idea who Gu Baifan was, she could conclude from the conversations she had overheard that he was a close assistant of Mu Feichi and someone who was above the others in status.

It was obvious that Gu Baifan was a way to get closer to the Young Commander and getting on his good side was very important.

Yun Xi was the host of the auction, so it was hard for her to catch a break from the countless people looking to start a conversation with her.

Yun Chuhan waited for the moment she could approach her older sister.

“Sister…” Yun Chuhan approached Yun Xi gingerly with a glass of juice.

She was talking to her sister, but her eyes were fixed on Gu Baifan.

As soon as Yun Xi met Yun Chuhans eyes, she knew that Yun Chuhan was planning.

It seemed as if she hadnt learned anything from the previous kidnapping.

She had changed her target immediately after Mu Feichi had left.

Their father might have some wits when it came to networking at these events, but this was Yun Chuhans first event, and she was clueless.

Yun Xi could not help but feel a little irate at Yun Chuhans blatant approach.

“This is…” Yun Chuhan turned to Gu Baifan, her words trailing off as she hoped for Yun Xi to introduce the man to her.

However, before Yun Xi could say anything, a slender figure pushed herself between Yun Chuhan and Gu Baifan with a glass of champagne in her hand.

Fenghuang Niao had been searching through the guests to find these two, and she headed right for the pair when she spotted them.

“Director Gu! Its been a while.” She laughed as she reached out to shake Gu Baifans hand.

“You were so busy at the last banquet that we could hardly talk.

Come here.

I have so much to say to you,” Fenghuang Niao said with excitement as she shook Gu Baifans hands.

She turned and took Yun Xis hands as well, “Miss Yun too! Nice to see you here.”

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