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The situation was far more complicated than everyone had imagined.

After Mu Feichi had made his report to the President, the President immediately called an emergency meeting between different ministries and departments, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Maritime Department, to discuss the extraction mission.

After a long meeting, everyone walked out of the meeting room with troubled expressions, while Mu Feichis expression was the worst among them.

The meeting concluded by deciding that the Young Commander would personally provide backup for the extraction team in conjunction with the embassy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

It was already 5:00 oclock in the evening when Mu Feichi finally arrived back at Tianyu Mountain.

As they approached the gate, the driver notified Mu Feichi that he had spotted Yun Xi outside.

Mu Feichi looked out and saw that not only was Yun Xi outside, but standing with her was Feng Yang.

Feng Yang had handed her a transparent plastic bag.

Before Mu Feichi could see its contents, Yun Xi quickly hid the bag in her pocket and exchanged a few sentences with him before noticing that Mu Feichi had returned.

Her expression immediately switched from a smile to a nervous one as if she had been caught cheating.

Mu Feichi frowned and ordered his driver to stop the car next to her.

He then rolled the window down and glanced past Feng Yang before glaring at Yun Xi.

“Get in,” he grunted.

Yun Xi nodded at Feng Yang, not realizing how awkward the atmosphere was, and quickly got into the car.

Feng Yang smiled bitterly as the car drove away.

Anyone couldve noticed the hostility in the Young Commanders eyes, something he usually kept hidden behind his expressionless face.

However, Mu Feichi didnt even bother to hide it this time.

Feng Yang could tell from Mu Feichis expression that the meeting didnt go smoothly.

He had also gotten word of his team being trapped in Country F as the situation over there was getting tenser and tenser.

With the addition of the threat from the new strain of virus found over there, it would be a huge challenge to successfully extract the citizens of Jun Country who were trapped.

Back in the car, Yun Xi turned to look at Mu Feichi, who seemed unhappy.

She reached her hand out to touch his face and asked, “Whats wrong Why are you so gloomy”

Mu Feichi grabbed her hand and turned to look into her eyes.

“What did Feng Yang just give you”

“That” Yun Xi hesitated a moment before coughing.

Shed wanted to keep it a secret from him, and shed never thought he would catch her.

“Its nothing.

I asked him to help me secure something from the black market.”

“Why didnt you ask me instead”

“I mean, it doesnt feel right for you to purchase something from the black market.

Feng Yang has connections there, and its easier for him to help me get it.”

Mu Feichi couldnt help but chuckle.

“Are you sure you know what Feng Yangs real identity is”

“I dont, but I can tell hes not your average joe.

However, isnt it better for him to help me get something off the black market than asking you, the Young Commander of Jun Country Theres no way I could ask you to do something that might ruin your reputation.” Yun Xi then leaned forward and took a sniff at him.

“Why do I smell a hint of jealousy there”

Before Yun Xi could even pull herself back, the man reacted instantly and wrapped his hand behind her head and pulled her in to kiss her.

The lady struggled a little while letting out a series of muffled moans.

The man bit her lips before extending his tongue into her mouth, slowly mixing his saliva with hers.

Yun Xi felt as if she was a piece of meat on a chopping board.

No matter how hard she tried to escape, she just could not move.

The kiss was like torture as Yun Xis body began to tremble as she felt the air being sucked out of her lungs.

She placed her hands on his chest and pushed him back with all her might.

Mu Feichi finally let go of her to give her a chance to catch her breath.

He then leaned forward, looked at her with a grin, and asked, “So, did you taste any jealousy”

Yun Xi glared back at the man, unable to believe that he was able to act as if he wasnt jealous when he clearly was.

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